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My cousin sent me a note with some photos of her daughter this week. The story was so cute I had to share it here.

My cousin and I grew up in Montreal. Our mothers were sisters. Our Irish grandparents emigrated to Canada around 1960 and settled in Montreal because their three daughters had settled there with their families. My uncle and his family followed soon after.

Our grandparents in December 1961 with my cousin's very blurry  parents int he background. At this point they lived across the street from us in Montreal.

At first we all lived around the same area in the city but then as everyone's family grew some moved to the suburbs at opposite ends of the city. One to Chomedy (now called Laval as the various towns amalgamated in 1965), and another to Pierresfonds (merged into the city of Montreal in 2002).

So to my cousin's email and what this post has to do with food.

My cousin was telling her daughter that after church on Sundays her parents would drive to Grandfather's, from Pierresfonds to Chomedy.

In the mid 1970s our grandfather was living on his own in Laval. He was a widower and now in his mid 70s.
My cousins below around that time.

They would bring in McDonald's for lunch. He would have a pot with oil ready (and her Mom was always afraid he would set himself on fire), and he made these big chips (fries in Canada). 

Then for dessert, he made them Pillsbury Apple Turnovers. My cousins couldn't wait for their Mom never baked!!! 

This ad is from 1976, around the time my cousin is recounting her story.

So after the story, her daughter wanted to make them, and made them all by herself!!!!!!!!

So I asked my cousin if they tasted as good as she remembered? She said that Grandfather's were better, more flaky!!

Do you have any food memories that you tried as an adult and were the flavours the same or were you disappointed?


  1. Those look tasty!

    I remember as a child enjoying bologna and mustard sandwiches. After a number of years I tried them again... and couldn't stand it.

    1. No, bologna and Miracle Whip on white bread. Still love it.

  2. I've tried making my mother's lentil and eggplant casserole, and it wasn't quite the same - maybe I missed one of the spices? Anyway, I remember it tasting better. What a fun memory, though, and a lovely way to connect with your family!

  3. My mother wasn't much of a baker or a cook. I remember those apple turnovers, though, and the plastic pouches of frosting! I used to love the deep-fried "apple pie" at McDonald's, but can only imagine how artificial and processed it would taste to me now!

  4. Love this story! I remember both the commercial and the apple turnovers with poppin' fresh dough. They were such a treat!

  5. Fun story. My husband has a story about visiting grandparents on Sundays -- where they had Kentucky Fried Chicken. My grandparents were farmers and we only saw them a couple of times. My memories are much more traditional -- home-baked bread, giant crinkle-topped cookies, and roasted sweet corn. We have my grandmother's recipe for those cookies, but nobody can make them come out right. We've begun to suspect that she didn't intend for anyone else to make them as good as hers!

  6. I used to love my mother's Spaghetti Bolognese, but Ive improved on her recipe over the years ( I think) and now her version tastes very bland to me.

    Please drop by and see what I am cooking this weekend,
    Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out

    1. I tired for years to duplicate my mother's spicy tomato soup and couldn't. Then I think I found the answer she used tomato juice!! Now i almost have it perfected.

  7. the pink elephant popcorn now is just not the same. Still a prize in the box, the the popcorn is not right some how.

  8. What a great story. It's funny what kids remember. Sunday brunch at my grandmothers usually ended with cookies and small pastries. Sometime homemade but often picked up at the deli


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