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July 2014 - Toronto ON

Today I attended the first Taste of Toronto at Fort York. I had posted about visiting Fort York a few weeks ago.

Taste of Toronto web site.

We've attended Taste of Buffalo in the past and love it, the streets ate closed off and local restaurants serve up their specialties.  Tasting plates range in cost from $2 and up. It is easy to buy one sampler and then share so you can try as many things as possible.

Taste of Toronto was very elegant, Fort York is a perfect place to host it. The food was delicious. BUT the price??? I really vacillated about going when I saw the ticket prices. Entrance was $30 but really $39 with taxes. You were given a card preloaded with $6 to spend. You could then go to a Crown bank and load more money as required. Great idea!!!
Each plate ranged in price from $6-$10, plus admission not a cheap day out!!!!

I enjoyed it and everything I tried but I think the entrance fee is way over the top!

I had picked out the food I wanted to try before I got there using their web site.

Barque Smokehouse
Stand R4Smoked duck tacos with pickled radish, carrots, crispy fried chicken skin and a hoisin BBQ
sauce on a flour tortilla.
6 crowns

The Harbord Room and THR & Co
Stand R9
Griddled Crab & Prawn Roll, Spicy Pickled Cucumber, Avocado, Crispy Bacon and Old Bay Chips
10 crowns

Mark Mc Ewan!! Famous Toronto chef and head judge on Top Chef Canada.

The McEwan Group
Stand R11 
One’s Fried Chicken with a Buttermilk Biscuit, Housemade Slaw and Chipotle BBQ Sauce
8 crowns

The Bellwoods - really enjoyed them.

Friday Pop-Up – Yours Truly
Stand R3 
Salt cod inari: Salt fish, sushi rice, horseradish
6 crowns 
Fresh made queso seasonal accompaniments:(Hewitts cream fresh cheese, early summer garnishes, orange blossom vinaigrette
8 crowns
GF Charred octopus: Sous vide, charred BC octopus, chorizo, green mango
10 crowns


  1. Wow!!!! What an event. It totally looks worth the cost. That's one of the negatives of living in a small town -- no great food events.

  2. I love attending food events, and this one looks like a good one.

  3. this looks like it was quite fun-however the price of admission may have deterred me.

  4. The food looks delish! What a shame the entrance fee was so much. That would spoil it for me, I'm afraid.

  5. It certainly looks like it was busy. A shame the entry fee is that high though...


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