Sunday, July 6, 2014

Monday Mural

For more photos of World Pride around town click the links below.

Another mural in the Gay Village.

I accidentally found t his mural when we had to go outside to use the portapotties last Sunday during the parade.

It is a shame that they are painted in any alleyway where the residents/business store  their garbage bins.
Photos taken with my phone.


  1. I agree these are works of art.

  2. Lots of very interesting characters there! Happy Monday!

  3. Excellent, it's a shame so many ghood murals are hidden down alleys

  4. It always makes the laneway seem friendlier when there is a mural.

  5. This is fun. Some of the divas I recognize, and some not. Assume there's some LGBT activists too.Sorry for the Linky problem on Monday Mural.


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