Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Weekly Recap June 20-27 2014

Our condo has fresh flowers decorating the lobby, these are changed every Saturday. I plan on posting them weekly.

The weekend started with steak for dinner.

Saturday we went to Church St. which is celebrating World Pride.

Click below for more photos around town.

We had fish and chips for lunch at O'Grady's on Church St.

So I made chicken wings for dinner. Very basic simple recipe and it worked very well. I salted and peppered the wings and placed them on a greased (vegetable oil) cookie sheet and baked at 400 degrees for 45-60 minutes. Then we soaked them in Frank's.

Sunday started with breakfast at Eden's a short walk from our condo on Lake Ontario.

We wandered up Bathurst St. and stopped for a beer at the Wheat Sheaf, Toronto's oldest

 Great views of the CN Tower from Bathurst St.

Then we went to Fort York to see the Indigenous Art Festival. We had never been to the fort either.
Click here for photos of the Fort.

Click here for some more photos from the Welcoming dance.

We had roast chicken

Monday John played golf and we had sausages on buns with two kinds of cole slaw.

Tuesday I made chicken pot pie from Sunday's leftovers.

We went downtown to take John's watch in for repairs. Lunch was BBQ pork won ton soup at Duck.
Some shopping.

Totem pole in College Park

Then we checked out Loblaw's click here for more food photos.

Some of the original seats from the old Maple Leaf Gardens now home to Loblaw's and Ryerson University.

Some t-shirts at Winner's celebrating World Pride.

We then decided to wander over to Church St. to check out more murals.

Then we decided to try out the street car that runs along College as it said it went to High Park. We assumed High Park subway station, wrong! But we had a great time travelling through Little Italy, Little Portugal. We ended up going to Roncesvalles and catching a streetcar to Dundas West subway station and finally home.

I made Greek meat pies and spanakopita for dinner. Meat pie recipe.  Spanakopita recipe.

Thursday we had a friend in for dinner. Pork tenderloin, roast potatoes, broccoli and carrots.
For dessert we had fresh fruit with homemade Italian crema di latte or custard.
I also baked pumpkin cheesecake bars.

Friday we had our usual steak and baked potatoes.


  1. I miss Toronto!
    Happy Canada Day!!!!

  2. looks like you had a very nice week

  3. don't know if this posted already or not but I think it disappeared
    to repeat looks like you had a very nice week.

  4. I've been to Fort York, but as a child.

  5. so much to see and enjoy, if I had to pick a favorite photo it would be the totem pole.. like that pole and all the glass surround it.

  6. Wonderful post about Toronto as you saw it last week! How interesting Fort York looks with modern-day Toronto in the background.


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