Saturday, July 19, 2014

inSPIREd Sunday

May 2014 - Toronto ON

St. Thomas's Anglican Church also known as St. Thomas's, Huron Street. It was one of the earliest Anglo-Catholic congregations in Canada. It was established in 1874, moving twice before settling into its present building, adjacent to the Annex on the western edge of the University of Toronto's downtown campus.

The church is an Arts and Crafts building designed by architect and parishioner Eden Smith (1858–1949) and was opened January 17, 1893. The building was altered in 1917 to add a baptistry.

The aesthetic theorist and poet T.E. Hulme attended St. Thomas's while living in Toronto briefly in 1906 after leaving Cambridge University. He is an important figure in Modernist literature, influencing, among others, Ezra Pound and T.S. Eliot. The world-famous great English pianist Gerald Moore (1899 – 1987) grew up and obtained most of his music education in Toronto. In his early life he was sub-organist at St. Thomas's.


  1. That is a really beautiful church. It's been awhile since I've seen it- some years.

  2. Beautiful Arts and Craft doors....

  3. Toranto is a nice place.
    Greeting from Belgium,Tomorrow it is National Day in Belgium

  4. These are fine shots of this beautiful church. I like the church's interesting design and style. Those are great looking doors.

  5. What great doors. Tom The Backroads Traveller


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