Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Rubbish Tuesday

Finally a home for all those photos I take of old items!!

Continuing with our travels along Route 66 featuring iconic motel signs.
The Glancy - Clinton OK
Blue Swallow Motel - Tucumcari NM
Wigwam Motel - Rialto CA
Holbrook AZ

 November 2012 - Canute OK

Established in February, 1899 by an independent town company, it was named for the King of Denmark. The small town serviced the now-defunct Rock Island Railroad. Following the advent of the automobile, Canute became a popular stop along U.S. Route 66 and a large number of tourist businesses including gasoline service stations, motels and restaurants.

In the 1930's, men were put to work by the Work Projects Administration (WPA) building Oklahoma’s first state park on Route 66.

Unfortunately, Canute was bypassed by I-40 to the north in May, 1970 and immediately went into a decline. Its decline was furthered by the closure of nearby Clinton-Sherman Air Force base at Burns Flat, leading most of those businesses to shut down.

Cotton Boll Motel. RT66-1028
I found this description of the motel at this site:
16 units completely new & modern, wall to wall carpets, tile baths, free TV in rooms, refrigerated air-conditioning, baby cribs, laundry service for customers at motel. Mr. & Mrs. Woodrow Penick, owners & managers.

The name comes from the view the owners would have had of the miles of cotton fields.

Another hotel sign along the highway.

And another, attesting to the popularity of Route 66 in its day.


  1. I miss seeing those wide open spaces. That is one amazing sign! I'm enjoying the ride down Route 66. Thanks for linking up!

  2. I just adore sights like this. Maybe it reminds me of my childhood, and traveling along the old Route 66, whatever the reason, they are delightful!


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