Friday, July 4, 2014

Weekend Reflections

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May 2004 - Venice Italy

Piazza San Marco is at the lowest point in Venice and consequently it is flooded during Acqua Alta the "high water" from storm surges from the Adriatic. In order for Acqua Alta to occur certain events must coincide:
A very high tide (usually during a full or new moon)
Low atmospheric pressure

A scirocco wind blowing up the narrow, shallow Adriatic Sea, which forces water into the Venetian Lagoon.

It is most likely to happen in late September and April, and especially in the months of October, November,
and December.

Walking along the temporary walkways they erect
 Policman surveying San Marco Square


  1. beautiful reflection photos....I could almost feel the cool water...this reminds me my walk to home the other day when our place was unfortunately flooded...

  2. reminds me of my walk to home...:-)

    I have to add that I love your header so much...your photos always amaze me...

  3. If we could only have some of that water here.......everything is so brown and crispy up here.


  4. Great photos! I've never seen pics of Venice like this although I did know that it floods at certain times of the year. Love the reflections.

  5. I have never seen it flooded before. Impressive shots! I like it that the police officer is just standing in the water. :)

  6. Love these reflections. Amazing shots!

  7. Very cool! I was there for a few days but it wasn't flooded.

  8. I would love to see Venice when it isn't flooded. These photos are marvellous, particularly the reflections in the second photo.

  9. I fear for Venice is something isn't done soon to prevent the regular flooding.


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