Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Travel Photo Thursday

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October 2012 - Amsterdam
FEBO is a chain of Dutch walk-up fast food restaurants of the automatiek type. Founded in 1941 in Amsterdam, FEBO is most notable for this automatic format: a counter is available for purchasing French fries, beverages, and hamburgers. Other FEBO snacks can be bought from the automats. The primary automat-vended items are krokets (croquette), frikandellen (minced meat hot dog)hamburgers, Kaassouffl√©s (melted cheese in a wrap, breaded and deep-fried), and similar items.

The FEBO motto De Lekkerste (Dutch) is translated as "The Tastiest".

According to the company website, FEBO has almost 60 shops all over the Netherlands, with 54 being franchises. There are 22 shops in Amsterdam alone.

FEBO was originally a bakery named "Maison FEBO" after Ferdinand Bolstraat in Amsterdam, founded by Johan de Borst (1919-2008). While the concept changed, the name was shortened to just "FEBO".


  1. Those automats are certainly a step beyond the vending machines we see here.

  2. Truly amazing. They have passed the test of time so the products must be tasty..

  3. What a great idea - wish we had something like that here :)

  4. Different! I'd give it a go. Where did you eat in Amsterdam? Why, from a vending machine, of course!! :)


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