Sunday, July 6, 2014

And To Think I Saw It...This Week - June 28 - July 4 2014

Condo Weekly Flower Arrangement

House Stuff this week!

Dishwasher decided to stop working. Doing dishes by hand so far, do you have any idea how hard it is to find someone to come and look at it? These guys have websites where they offer 24/7 responses, still waiting a week later.

Condo windows washed!!! Now we need to clean the insides!

New air conditioner malfunctioned, replaced. More issues on Thursday... Different guy comes on Friday evening. Looks at the problem, rolls his eyes and proceeds to say it wasn't the motor (that we paid for) that was replaced twice but the wiring. Fixed so far, now to take it up with the office and get some reimbursement.

Cleaned out the spice section and cookbooks in kitchen. 
Printed new photos for the bathroom. Theme not yet being revealed!!

We had the contractor drop by to discuss what we want done in the two bathrooms. When we first moved in we replace the tub in one bathroom and turned the tub into a walk in shower in the en suite. Now we want to replace the vanities.

Saturday before we went out I went for a walk along the Lake.

Amazing to live by a lake (a Great lake at that) and see so many activities taking place. so different to living in a house, in the city, surrounded my other houses and people.

Then we picked up my nephew and headed to my cousin's place for a BBQ. It was a perfect evening and we sat out and laughed and talked and reminisced. 

They made a perfect summer dessert!

Sunday, after the contractor left, we were starving and went over to Rocco's for breakfast. A perfect morning to sit on the patio.

Then we took the bus and subway down to watch the World Pride parade. It was HOT and CROWDED.

For lots more World Pride photos chick on the links below.
For more photos of World Pride around town click the links below.

Met up with family and had a great time people watching.

Ha ha, I didn't even realize John was in this photo until I downloaded it.

Monday we had some personal appointments and then went to visit friends. For dinner we headed to Waterdown for their amazing rib fest.

More photos at
Weekend Cooking

Tuesday was CANADA DAY! Click here for some fun red and white photos.
Click here for even more flags.
Click here to visit the Gardiner Ceramic Museum here in Toronto. I was there in May.

I had a chicken roasting by 7AM. We were supposed to have it on Sunday be we were too lazy to cook. Now we will have chicken available for sandwiches and dinner and the carcass is already in the soup pot.

We were invited to my BFF's family Canada BBQ so we baked some cookies.
Here's the recipe for spicy Mexican chocolate cookies.

Wednesday John wasn't feeling that great so we just lounged around. We had delicious hot chicken sandwiches with sweet potato fries and peas. The gravy was homemade from the roast chicken carcass.

Thursday we had some personal affairs to take care of in the morning. Then we went to look at vanities for the bathrooms and found these two at York Taps.
Now to arrange for the contractor to come and do the work.
Photos from their website. I wish our bathrooms were the size shown!!
Didn't get the matching mirror for this one as I like the mirror I have.
Shower curtain has been ordered and I also sent a photo to be printed on canvas.

This one is for the en suite and we bought the mirror as well.

Thursday I made lazy cabbage rolls and cheese biscuits.

Friday  I made "clean out the fridge" chicken stew.

This Week's Sunset

I'm posting an older photo here because I posted Sunday's photos on Friday at My Town Shoot Out where the theme was sunsets.

Travelling back in time this week, I posted:
Weddings in Honolulu
A church on the big island of Hawaii
All that glitters...Versailles France
A garden tour on Mackinac Island MI
A motel along Route 66 in Canute OK
Do not feed...Red Rock NV
4th of July in Chicago and Mackinac Island.
A stroll around Birmingham England.


  1. Great pix, as usual, Jackie! I'm itching with curiosity over the photo theme for the bathroom! Katy S

  2. That's shocking about the dishwasher repair. I lucked out on that one -- I contacted the manufacturer (GE), who told me it was out of warranty (duh, the previous owner bought it with the unit), and sent me a list of repair companies they approved of. Prompt service after that.

    Finding someone to fix my hardwood floors, on the other hand, is a 2-years-and-running nightmare.

  3. Boy, you were busy! Terrific shots, Jackie!


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