Saturday, July 19, 2014

And To Think I Saw It...This Week July 12 - July 18 2014

Last Week's Recap

Condo Weekly Flower Arrangement

We started the weekend with breakfast at Eden's, a quick walk from our condo. Then we strolled along the lake to the Humber Bay Farmers' market.

Later in the afternoon we went T and T, an Asian super market to get crab legs for dinner, at least that was the plan. There weren't any crab legs so we went to plan B. 
We decided to make moo shu BBQ duck and picked up the ingredients. We had home made dumplings in the freezer so that become part of the plan, they only needed some home made dipping sauce. We also bought some spicy salmon sushi.
For more photos of T and T click here.

I couldn't resist adding this video when I found it today on Facebook.

We've decided that we are just not sushi fans.

Dessert was strawberries, cream and chocolate pastry.

I removed the duck from the bones.

Chopped up cabbage and carrots for the moo shu and made a sauce from one of my recipes.

Sunday was a rainy overcast morning and we made bacon and a new pancake recipe Cinnamon French Toast pancakes.

Dinner was maple glazed sockeye salmon and salad and fresh pickled beets. More strawberries and chocolate pastry for dessert.

Monday pork tenderloin, new boiled potatoes with brussel sprouts.

Tuesday curried lamb made with the Eudora sauce we bought at the market. I made additional sauce from chicken stock and spices as the $6 jar did not have enough sauce for two people. I was not impressed the flavour was nice but a can of coconut milk and tomato paste would have produced the same results for a lot less money.

Served with naan bread it was delicious. It's a good thing I enjoyed it as I had it again on Wednesday and Thursday. John had dental surgery on Wednesday so he was required to take it easy and eat only soft foods..
I always have home made stocks frozen and/or the ingredients for soup.
I made a carrot soup with home made chicken stock. Then he asked for peas soup so I had a hunk of ham and added left over potatoes and some carrots and onions and used my crock pot. The soup was delicious.

Thursday I went down town shopping and found a brand new Bed Bath and Beyond and a Marshalls both in the lower levels of a recently opened condo on Yonge St.

It was a beautiful day to stroll downtown. 

Friday was a bread making day.  Onion herb bread  and a cinnamon raisin bread. The cinnamon bread was a disaster as I wasn't thinking and didn't add the correct amount of water. I made it again and timed it for 8AM Saturday so I'll put an update next week.

Dinner was a lazy chips and eggs. 


Picked up some items for the bathroom that we are having a new vanity installed. We bought them a few weeks ago and just need to schedule with the contractor.
In the larger bathroom I am totally removing all the purple and redoing the theme which I haven't revealed as yet.
I moved some yellow bath towels into it along with a candle and wood carving.
I did buy some items this week, hand towels and soaps.


Hasn't been a great week for sunsets, cloudy and rainy. This was the best only  shot.

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  1. Quite a variety of city shots... I find myself wondering if the mayor was in Zanzibar.


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