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Tuesday Treasures

Tom the backroads traveller hosts this weekly meme.

December 2012- Seligman AZ

This was our first trip to Seligman, during our first retired winter sojourn. Since then we've stopped there a few times.

Seligman is the little town that could. At just 6.4 square miles, and boasting a population of only 456, it's become a legendary Route 66 town, welcoming multitudes of visitors from around the world every year. And, seriously, when you drive through the town it feels like you've been transported back in time. Seligman's Main Street is lined with historic locally-owned businesses that, against all odds, have withstood the test of time.

In 1894 1984 (as Andrew pointed out) passenger trains stopped serving Seligman, and now only freight trains and nonstop Amtrak trains roll through the town. From 1926 through 1978, Seligman was a popular stop along Route 66, until, as mentioned, I-40 was constructed a mere two miles south. Some of the historic buildings that are still standing include the 1903 Post Office, Pioneer Hall and Theater, Pitts General Merchandise Store, the 1905 Seligman Garage, and the 1923 Seligman Pool Hall.

Seligman Sundries building was erected in 1905 as the Pioneer Hall Theatre and Dancehall. When Route 66 opened in 1926 it switched to become a Soda Fountain, Trading post and drugstore, Ted's Fountain Trading Post.

Tom and Maude Jolly owned the "Black Cat Café" on Railroad Ave. but when business moved to Route 66 they did the same in 1935 moving to the present location. Acquired by F. Hyde, he renamed it "Black Cat Buffet".

When US 66 was widened through town in 1963 the original building was demolished and replaced by a new one built behind it. It's still in operation.

Built in 1952 it advertised "This is a delightful spot to stop for a meal when you ar e driving along U.S. Highway 66. With food comparable to that found in fine city eating places and with its clean and attractively decorated cafe and dining room, you'll want to make it a point to stop here for a meal."

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  1. Good to see some preservation at the bypassed town. Like here, some succeed and some fail when bypassed. For we of a certain generation, route 66 is very meaningful. Btw, passenger trains stopped in 1894?

    1. HMMM I checked my source and it does say 1894, but I agree, I think that is a typo. Especially since construction of railroad lines in Arizona didn't begin until the 1880s.
      I have found this in another article.
      The train system followed suit and passenger trains ceased stopping in Seligman in 1984.

  2. ...oh, Route 66 has been calling to me for along time! An Edsel and a continental kit, what great flashbacks! Thanks Jackie for all this eye candy, the stuff that dreams are made of!

  3. Oh I really missed out not going here when we were living closer! Love all the fun treasures, heralding an awesome past time! Great photos!


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