Thursday, June 21, 2018


Becky at The Life of B June's theme is Roofs. Tag your post #RoofSquares and link to Becky’s post each day and remember your image must be square.

I'm not sure I will post every day but will try. I plan to only use Toronto roofs.

African Lion Safari is a family-owned safari park in Southern Ontario straddling the cities of Hamilton and Cambridge, located 100 kilometres (62 mi) west of Toronto. The safari includes more than 1,000 animals, representing over 100 species of mammals and birds from across the globe. Guests may tour seven game reserves (with a total area of about 740 acres (300 hectares)) via tour buses or visitors' own vehicles where animals roam freely in large contained areas. Accompanying the game reserves is a large walking section where hundreds of exotic birds and primates, as well as the park's herd of Asian elephants, are on display.

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  1. Count on the lions to snooze. I haven't been there in years. Though my cousin lives close enough at his apple farm that some mornings he can hear the lions roaring.


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