Sunday, June 17, 2018

inSPIREd Sunday

April 2018 - Toronto ON

We often drive by this church. I am always intrigued by the service at 11:11.

Ikea is across the street.

The Church on the Queensway is a bible based church. It certainly has a very progressive website.

The Globe and Mail had this description.
God seldom draws more minivans than Ikea around these parts. But from Palm Sunday through the celebration of the Resurrection, the parking lot of Queensway Cathedral, just west of Kipling, holds more pilgrims than the hopping Swedish-meatball-and-wall-unit joint across the street.

Queensway Cathedral is a Pentecostal ministry (lots of joyful rafter-rattling, thank you Jesuses, singing and clapping). The church has a vibrant congregation of about 1,800 passionate believers, drawn from all over the GTA. The congregation (and thus the cast of the play) is a perfect microcosm of this city, with young and old and many races and interests represented: Caribbean Pentecostals, Filipino Pentecostals, Irish Pentecostals, Chinese Pentecostals, plus a sizable deaf contingent. Talk about your blind casting: This is better than a Benetton ad.

The cross has only been there for

Interesting article about replacing a stripper's pole with a cross.


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