Friday, June 29, 2018

College St.

June 2018 - Toronto ON

This is a 17,404 step walk, not planned just happened.

Heading to the Banksy exhibit we stopped for coffee.

Drake Commissary packs a restaurant, store, bar, takeout counter and catering kitchen into 8,000 square feet

After the exhibit we wandered along Bloor St. West. Click here for more Bloor West.

Bloor St. West is a trendy area mixed with old immigrants, a curious mix of new and old.

Finally I found the Monkey's Paw, having walked by it several times.
Monkey’s Paw is known for its oddball books — all used — hard-to-find special editions and enticing window displays.
The owner won’t even buy anything published before 1980.

The draw for me was at the back of the shop, you will undoubtedly spy the world’s first – and so far only – Biblio-Mat. The Biblio-Mat is a homemade random automatic book dispenser that will release a unique tome for a mere $2.

For a change we turned down Dupont (Little Portugal) and then onto College, known as Little Italy although it has become more mixed with other ethnic representation.

You have to look down the alleys and laneways for interesting murals.

Totoro (Japanese anime creature)piece by artist Skam.

In a vintage store.

Fun painted building.

There is no shortage of eating spots.

Or interesting architecture.

Traditional Portuguese bakery.

Burgers, anyone?

Vegetarian "butcher" shop...

Cafe Diplomatico is in every tourist guide as a must do in this area. AND they do gluten free pizza and pasta.

Soccer fever was evident as all the bars were full in the middle of the day.


In your travels around Toronto, you may come across a small imprint, or a sticker, of a robot with the outline of a heart on its chest. Meet “Lovebot,” designed by graffiti artist Matthew Del Degan. “We are not robots in this concrete jungle,” he assures me. “We have the ability to love.”

We turned south at Spadina, Chinatown, which I've featured many times.

West on King St. and then we cut through at the CBC building and caught this view.

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