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May 2010 - Edinburgh Scotland

I first discovered Costa's, a coffee chain in the UK in Scotland at St. Andrew's. Then in Ireland

 It is my favourite coffee place in the UK, way better than Starbucks any time! 


  1. Yes, Costa are everywhere now in Scotland, in the way Starbucks was at first. We tend to go to Cafe Nero in ppreference to either, but I would take Costa over Starbucks any day!

  2. I agree that Costa's does good coffee - I also used to go to Cafe Neros and order an Americano - which definitely wasn't American but was what we call a long black (as opposed to a flat white). Cheers from Carole's Chatter

  3. I cut down on coffee in the last year, and I tend to have my one cup a day at home but I used to really like Costa, especially their lattes!

  4. I usually only go to Starbuck's as a last resort. Would love one of those giant cups from Costa!

  5. I discovered Costa this year in Ireland myself. Was so glad to find good coffee - the stuff at our B&Bs and hostels was... subpar. Those lattes look lovely!

  6. Love the coffee art! They didn't have Costa when I was last in the UK. I'll look for them next time I've over there.


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