Saturday, February 15, 2014

Mazatlan - la semana pasada (Week 7)

Hubertus von Hohenlohe is Mexico's only representative at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics. Von Hohenlohe, a descendent of German royalty, qualifies for Mexico after he was born in the country while his parents were on a business trip.

A Mexican Olympic anecdote -to read the story click here.


Monday morning appeared cloudy when we got up but it burned off by 10 AM.

The birds went crazy again this week.


Melon (real melon frozen) popsicle

Roast chicken potatoes carrots and cabbage. I know we had this last week but it is just so easy to throw it all into the oven!!
Steak sandwiches.
Chips and eggs.
Ham sandwiches

Spaghetti at the Palapa.

Prime rib at Palapa

And the most amazing Valentine's lunch at El Presidio.

Ribs at Fat Fish.

And a big OOPS on my part as I was wrong on the day of the chili cook off. I thought it was on Sunday.
Well, it provided for some ribbing from our friends.
Who creates a poster without including the day of the week? Business analyst speaking here.


Carol, our friend over at The Golden Years had an interesting week, finding herself in a Mexican hospital. All's well and she had a positive experience if that's possible to say about a scary event.

Had a fantastic time at the Salsa and Salsa event.
Tasting our strawberry margaritas that we prepared for the audience.

Wandering around town - murals in City Hall.

Another visit to Gandarva Bazaar.

Gearing up for Carnival. More photos here. These statues are currently in Palzuela Machado.

Topolo's during the day.

Valentine's Day around the condo.

Valentine's Day around town.

Click here for some shots of the cathedral.


This week's Spanish lesson.

Not directly from this week just something I thought of.
Many restaurants here have purse racks or percheros. It is like a coat tree but only the height of the table. It is considered bad luck to put your purse on the floor as all the money will run out.

Reason # 57 not to run down the street in the dark.


Bathroom signs at El Presido.



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