Saturday, February 8, 2014

Friday Night in Mazatlan (Travel Photo Thursday)

I'm posting over at The Budget Travelers' Sandbox Travel Photo Thursday.

February 2014 - Mazatlan Mexico

We headed out at 3:30 PM taking the bus downtown to the market where we planned to do the Art Walk.
Art Walk is an open house of various studios around the Centro Historico held the first Friday of each month.
We had attended in January so we headed for the ones we had missed then.

This gallery, across from the Culinary Market had a patio on the roof.

Now to the best one!
 We headed to Calle Angel Flores the nicest and most photographed street in Mazatlan.

The "gallery" was in the private home of an artist.

 Some photos from January that I hadn't posted.

Recognize it?


  1. The galleries are as much fun and as interesting as the art they display. Fun post.

  2. My hometown of Austin, Texas has a First Thursday art walk that this reminds me of. I like all the Mexican art with its use of skeletons and masks. That must have been so fun to actually visit an artists home. Imagine living in those surroundings.

  3. What a great tour! I love all the colors in your photos. That skeleton in the red dress made me laugh! Thanks for linking up!


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