Friday, February 28, 2014

Back in the US of A

And it's looking very grey, dull, overcast, dismal, dreary, hazy, leaden, murky, mousy... and it's is raining!!

Photo is not LA but you get the idea!

Got up yesterday morning to our usual view. Yikes! No wonder John just said can we get on a plane and go back.

Went over to say good-bye to Carol and Bill as he is still under the weather.

Back for breakfast at the palapa and then we were picked up by King David for the 45 minute drive to the airport. Easy check in with Alaska Air and we went upstairs to have a last cerveza.
Downstairs there are lots of last minute souvenir shopping. Upstairs is Carl's Burgers, a salon, and two souvenir shops. Once you go through security there is a duty free. Then downstairs and we board.

We have always had good flights with Alaska Air their flight attendants are pleasant and aim to please.

Going through US Customs was also easy, he only asked how much longer we thought we'd be in the States.

Waited thirty minutes for the hotel shuttle and checked into the LA Hilton, our hotel of choice in LA. John then went to check on the car, which has been waiting for us for 62 lonely days!!
Once I plonked down on the bed I had no desire to move so we ordered room servce, club sandwich and roast beef dip.

Starbucks this morning as we look out at that bleak view.

We will eventually head out to a) rescue the car from captivity and b) head to San Diego.

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