Thursday, February 27, 2014

Friday My Town Shoot Out - Stained Glass Feb 28

I'm posting over here this week.

Stained Glass

October 2013 - Toronto On

These photos were taken on a cloudy autumn afternoon. I plan on going back in the spring to see the gardens.

Casa Loma (Spanish for Hill House) is a Gothic Revival style house and gardens in midtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada, that is now a museum and landmark. It was originally a residence for financier Sir Henry Mill Pellatt. Casa Loma was constructed over a three-year period from 1911–1914.

The house cost approximately $3.5 million and took a team of 300 workers three years to build from start to finish. Unfortunately, due to the start of World War I, construction on the house was halted. At 98 rooms covering 64,700 square feet (6,011 m2), it was the largest private residence in Canada. Notable amenities included an elevator, an oven large enough to cook an ox, two vertical passages for pipe organs, a central vacuum, two secret passages in Sir Henry's ground-floor office, along with a pool and three bowling alleys in the basement (the last two were never completed).

One of the most beautiful rooms, to me, is the conservatory. The floor marble is Italian but the side panels are of Ontario marble. Covering the Conversatory is a beautiful stained glass dome. Steam pipes kept the flower beds warm in the winter.


  1. wow, what a magnificent building!

  2. I used to pass by Casa Loma every day on my way to class.Never did go inside though. It looks fascinating,

  3. Wow, just wow. What a place! The colors in that dome are so unique for stained glass.

  4. Welcome to FSO. What a wonderful group to photos you have to show us.Absolutely love the colors in the sg ceiling. Great job.

  5. I do not know about others but I like castles and stained glasses. For me it is part of the history of the place. Beautiful place.


  6. Amazing! It must be such a treat to visit that place. Love the colours in the dome and the last shot where you bring the individual scenes together.

  7. When I think of a conservatory, I think of Clue. This conservatory just takes my breath away it is so beautiful.

  8. I think I would need a empty memory card - a large one! - if I were to visit Casa Loma!


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