Friday, February 28, 2014

Mazatlan - la semana pasada (Week 9) Our Last Week

Not the most exciting of weeks with three out of the four of us under the weather at various points. To make it worst we've just heard that Bill is now in the hospital in Mazatlan, hopefully all will be fine.

This is also a short week as we left Mazatlan on Thursday to fly to LA.


Perfect as always.


Pretty quiet again due to illness.

Tried Tramoya on Palzuela Machado John had coconut shrimp and I had the chicken Caesar salad. Meh on the salad, too soggy. John enjoyed his shrimp.

We went back to Water's Edge as John was dying for another of their steak sandwiches. We decided to start with cocktails something we don't normally do. John had the classic margarita and I went with the Blood Sucker, vodka and cranberry with a lychee that looked an eyeball!

We opted to skip the salad provided with the sandwich and instead ordered this delicious salad to share.


Monday we went to the Osuna Distillery with Bill and Carol as they were mashing the cactus today, which is not done every day. Bill was in great spirits but when he returned home in the afternoon he started not feeling well.

I went to the Gran Plaza to get my hair cut. Everywhere is ready for Carnivale.

John and I went to Tippy Toes to get pedicures. 


I had to include this because when we were sitting at Water's Edge and it was very quiet we could hear the kitchen staff belting this out.

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