Saturday, February 8, 2014

inSPIREd Sunday

February 2014 - Copala Mexico

We visited San Jose Church again this week. We had been there last year on a tour so it was much more fun doing it with friends. We had as much time as we wanted to wander around.

There is an old lady from the town that will pounce on you and follow you around the church asking for money. Both John and Bill gave her money and she wanted more.

A friend of our friends swears she put a curse on him last year!!! I didn't get a photo of the old "witch" but Carol our friend did and posted it here.

Click here for my post about the town of Copala.

The church was built in 1748 and is very opulent reflecting the wealth this town once had.

One story to explain this statue protruding from the church is that the town suffered the black plague in the early years, and almost everyone died. The priest asked the community to hold hands and pray, circling the church. Prayer caused the image of Satan to rise out of the rock on the side of the church and exorcised him from the church. The plague was eradicated, and the town saved.

Another legend I found online says  if you throw a stone at the devil and hit it on the first try, you will be blessed with good luck.


  1. probably the doors & bell tower are my fav. great views. ( :

  2. «Louis» is very much enjoying the tour you are giving us of the Spanish Colonial era churches in Mexico.

    The Church of the Nativity is «Louis'» inSPIREd Sunday post this week. This happens to be the parish attended by "Dr. Mc" of The Friday Funnies fame.

  3. What a wonderful tour you gave us of this church! Hope you got good luck.


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