Saturday, February 8, 2014

Mazatlan - la semana pasada (Week 6) ALREADY!

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Photo kindly provided by my BFF.

Was actually cool going out to dinner the other night 74F.

Birds feasting on sardines - taken from our balcony.

We had the birds going really weird one evening. They flocked, by the hundreds, onto the condo's buildings.


Groceries finally got done on Monday at Mega. Chocolate croissants!
Now this is the way to do groceries!

The best sweet bread for breakfast from the bakery in Malpica!

Lunch - ham sandwiches, hot dogs. I picked them up on Sunday in the condo tienda, I included the $100 peso note as it cost me $95 pesos. More expensive than the grocery store but then we'd have to take the bus.

Dinner at Topolo - delicious!!

We spent a great day out with Bill and Carol in Copala, a small town in the mountains.

Went to Casa Canobbio.

Lunch at Water's Edge - magnifico!!

Beer (art walking is thirsty work) and a Carnaval Parade of Queen candidates.

Pizza at Bohemia.


Did some eating in this week: homemade stuffed green peppers, chicken thighs, salmon with broccoli.

Dinner at the Palapa - burgers for Super Bowl Sunday.

Speedo alert - so far spotted three this week - one a rainbow stripe.

Super Bowl
Packed palapa for the game - mainly Sea Hawk fans.

The doves have stopped cooing early in the morning. I guess courting season is over?

Torres Mazatlan 
Outside our door

El Dia de la Candelaria – February 2nd – Christmas doesn't end in December, it doesn't end until Feb 2nd, when all Christmas decorations are carefully boxed and put away. This day is 40 days after the birth of Jesus. Catholics celebrate with the Mass of the Candelaria, the Feast of Purification and the Presentation of Christ at the Temple. According to Jewish law, it was customary to bring a baby to the temple after this amount of time. It is considered the day Christ was presented to the temple.

The traditional meal for Candlemas is tamales and atole. The condo hosted a breakfast to celebrate the day on February 1 and provided the tamales and atole.

Atole is a traditional masa-based hot corn based beverage of Mexican and Central American origin (where it is known as atol). The drink typically includes masa (corn hominy flour), water, piloncillo (unrefined cane sugar), cinnamon, vanilla and optional chocolate or fruit. The mixture is blended and heated before serving. Atole is made by toasting masa on a comal (griddle), then adding water that was boiled with cinnamon sticks. The resulting blends vary in texture, ranging from a porridge to a very thin liquid consistency.

A tamale is a traditional Mesoamerican dish made of masa (a starchy dough, usually corn-based), which is steamed or boiled in a leaf wrapper. The wrapping is discarded before eating. Tamales can be filled with meats, cheeses, fruits, vegetables, chilies or any preparation according to taste, and both the filling and the cooking liquid may be seasoned.

It is rare to get a fishing boat this close to the condo.

As always a bathroom shot - Hotel Machado



Welcome Party - this band performed previously in the patio area and this man had his son with him. This week no son, purple shirts and they were down by the Palapa.

The condo introduced Tuesday night Karaoke.

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  1. Nice job. Sights are so obvious to us mazatlecans that a "refresh" is welcomed once in a while.


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