Friday, December 6, 2013

Disney World Day 1

November 2013 - Disney World Orlando Florida

Wow! We had an incredible week at Disney World with friends. We hadn't been there since 1998 when we took my niece and nephew. Before that it was 1986 and we took my step-children. Our first visit was in 1980 with my parents.

This was such fun, four adults and no children to whine about this and that. LOL. And the adults got along ok too!

Our friends are seasoned Disney visitors so we left the logistics up to them. We acquired all-inclusive plans for accommodations, park access and meals. Our friends included their flight from Buffalo and we drove down as this was the beginning of our winter sojourn in the sun and south. Click for details. Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, and Day 4. The trip can be easily done in less time but we didn't want to be in the car for too many hours.

Disney does an amazing job once you have reserved, their online facilities are the best. You can make all your reservations, special requests online. You can order your favourite coloured bracelet (your key to the kingdom) which is engraved with your name.

The details of your meal plan and reservations is available. For the meal plan, which has so many restaurants that you can book at (in all the parks, resorts and Downtown Disney or Boardwalk) that we left it up to our friends to book

It was my BFF's birthday this week so she chose her birthday dinner at Narcoosee's at the Floridian Resort click link to see details.

We arrived at the Coronado Springs Resort Hotel (after horrible traffic in Orlando) and checked in. The resort is best described as an eclectic mix of Mexican and colonial Spain decor.
This is just one of many themed resorts of varying prices that you can choose from.

The lobby was beautifully decorated for Christmas.

 Our friends met us in the lobby and escorted us to our room. The resort is laid out campus style. We were in the casitas. For more photos of the resort click here.

The room was large and comfortable.

We (the guys) unloaded our car and brought all the stuff up then we went to wander around and get oriented by having a drink in the laguna bar. 

The weather was warm and sunny, 80s or 20s for the celsius folk.

One of the perks of the meal plan is the unlimited non-alcoholic drinks available to you simply by filling up your mugs at designated spots. I'll do a separate post on the ins and outs of using the meal plan to your best advantage.

Another and one of the best perks about staying on site at a Disney resort is the complimentary bus transportation from the resort. The buses go to the various parks and downtown Disney every twenty minutes. The bus stop was a two minute walk from our room and it made four stops around the resort before heading to your destination.

Time to freshen up and head over to Epcot for our first dinner at Les Chefs de France.

Disembarking from the bus we then had our first experience using our bracelets to access the park. Image courtesy of You place your bracelet with Mickey right side up  against the kiosk and register a finger print on a pad. From now on you must use that finger and bracelet for admittance.

Once inside you have the opportunity to have professional photos taken in front of the park icons and you can choose to order whatever prints you wish.

We waited for a few minutes for our reserved table, don't even imagine coming to these restaurants without a reservation! 

The servers are native to the restaurant, they are on one year visas. Ours was delightful and thrilled that John could speak French.
 *sigh* I think the chef needs an Irish woman to teach them how to mash potatoes. But it was a good meal. 

As meal plan users we were entitled to any main course and any dessert. Two of us had the salmon and the others had the short ribs. I am showing the menu prices to give you an appreciation of the value of the meal plan.

Filet de saumon, pommes de terre ecrasees au beurre et ciboulette, sur coulis de tomate et poivron rouge - Broiled salmon, Smashed potatoes with butter and chives, served on a tomato and red pepper sauce. - $23.99 

Plat de cote de boeuf au cabernet avec pates - Beef short ribs braised in Cabernet with pasta, pearl onions and mushrooms. - $22.99 

Dessert was three orders of
Profiterolles au Chocolat - Puff choux with vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate sauce. - $7.25 

And one order of
Assiette de Sorbets du jour et son palmier - Daily assortment of fresh sorbets served with an elephant ear. - $7.25 

Satisfied diners...

Epcot dressed in her holiday finery.

The fireworks were starting as we left the restaurant.


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