Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Disney - Day 7

December 2013

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Sadly, all good things must come to and end... Tomorrow we pack up and move our separate ways.
I haven't mentioned that my husband was fighting a valiant battle with a cold that week and was a trouper.

The guys had decided that since it was American Thanksgiving and there was lots of football that they should go over to ESPN Sports (owned by Disney) and we could do what ever we liked. We took the bus over to Epcot where they were told they could pick up a bus to ESPN.
Anyone we asked had varying answers as to how to get there, but clearly no one really knew until someone said it was easy to walk there from Epcot near France.

We decided to see if we could get Fastpasses for Soaring as it had been "sold out" all week.

The guys left for ESPN after we made arrangements to meet back for Soarin'.

We headed for some more country hopping beginning in Mexico.

 Then to Norway!

 Time for some fortification in China. It's hard work travelling like this!

WOW Temple of Heaven looked just like the real one!

 And we have to hurry to get back for Soarin'! Where we soar over California, yes, some of us ducked when the golf ball came flying!

Here's a Youtube video of the ride.

Then we visited Living With the Land, a slow moving ride through the Disney greenhouses where they grow much of the food they use. I will write a longer post on this.

Since we've met up with the guys we head back around by Mexico, Norway and China with a stop in China for a snack for the guys.

Dinner time so we have to head over to Downtown Disney and decided to take a water launch there from Epcot. It takes us by Boardwalk where the guys were earlier, then a couple of resorts before we get off at The Swan and Dolphin, another upscale Disney resort where we can pick up a bus to Downtown Disney. I personally wouldn't stay here as it is off the beaten path and the bus makes a few stops at the other resorts in the area. 

However, going around this way makes you realize the multiple transportation choices you have to get around.

Dinner reservations were at Portobello's, Italian and not part of our meal plan. But reservations still recommended.

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