Monday, December 9, 2013

Disney - Day 4

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Not one of our brighter ideas, we decided to go to the Magic Kingdom today. It was packed!!!
Seriously, look at the stroller parking for a merry-go- round, honestly, not even a Disney attraction as such.

But one of my favourite memories was Main Street USA from 1980. 

We strolled (well battled the strollers and electric carts) towards the castle and happened upon the character show. 

GF and I decided to release our inner child and lined up for Dumbo without looking at the waiting time posted on the board. The line moved and we thought “great”, until we got inside and waited to be handed a pager to wait some more in their play area (genius idea for people with children).  More on this on Thursday.

We wandered some more but then decided that this was not any fun! So back down Main Street towards the exit.

The children are getting cranky, having discovered you can't get a beer in the Magic Kingdom!

We left and took the bus to the Port Orleans resort where our friends had stayed the last time. It has a New Orleans theme and has horse drawn carriages in the evening. It was peaceful away from the madding crowds! And we had a beer!

From there we took the water launch to downtown Disney.

You can book this river side cottage.

Downtown Disney belongs to Disney but is not a park and does not require admission to enter so it is always busy as it has lots of attractions, shows, shopping and restaurants.

Will be back later to buy some chocolate!

Dinner was scheduled at the Irish Raglan Pub which features Irish dancers and entertainers. 

Serious Steak - 10 oz. sirloin topped with Irish whiskey marmalade glaze, with fresh basil oil, mashed potatoes & topped with beer battered onion rings - $27.00 

I had the salmon special, good but nothing compared to last night at the Rose and Crown.

GF wasn’t keen on her steak as she found the glaze too overpowering.

Cluck Curry - Chicken breast in curry broth with onions, peppers, leeks, & steamed almond rice - $19.00 

Keen Eye For The Shepherd's Pie - We give the traditional Shepherd's Pie (prime beef and lamb) a much-needed makeover with our contemporary twist to this favorite dish. - $18.00 

John HATED the curry, he said it was like a chicken stew so the server and manager immediately arranged for a real curry with curry!!! to be prepared for him.
Desserts were eye catching in their display. The bread and butter pudding was average though as it tasted like it had been cooked in a microwave. We have much better bread pudding later in the week.

 Strawberry and Apple Crumble - . - $8.50 

Ger's Bread & Butter Pudding - Like no other pudding you have ever tried. - $8.50 

Some nighttime shots of downtown Disney before we head back, after some shopping!

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