Thursday, December 12, 2013

On The Road Again - Take 2.3

We're back on the road for our trek to Las Vegas, our next extended (2 weeks) stopover where we will meet friends and spend Christmas.

Take 1 - 4 days Toronto to Orlando Florida 

Stopover - 7 days at Disney World

Stopover - 11 days in Fort Myers Florida

Take 2 - Fort Myers Florida to Las Vegas Nevada

Take 2.3 - Baton Rouge to San Antonio TX  7 hours 750 km or 468 miles

No accidents or construction, lunch, 2 gas fill ups, 1 bio break.

Left Baton Rouge at 8AM sun shining.

Boudin and cracklins - perfect fast food!

 Going through Houston was not bad at all most times we end up in traffic.

When It's Christmas Time in Texas - George Strait

We visited the Alamo the last time we were here so no photos today.

We used some of our timeshare to book a condo at the Wyndham - walking distance to River Walk!

We had eaten at a Joe' s Crab Shack in Nashville earlier this year and loved it  so we were very excited to try it again! It didn't let us down!


  1. Beautiful time share. Boy the food at the Crab Shack looked good! Yummers. And what the heck is boudin & cracklins?!

    1. Boudin is blood pudding and cracklins is the crispy rind on a roast pork!


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