Friday, December 13, 2013

On The Road Again - Take 2.4

We're back on the road for our trek to Las Vegas, our next extended (2 weeks) stopover where we will meet friends and spend Christmas.

Take 1 - 4 days Toronto to Orlando Florida 

Stopover - 7 days at Disney World

Stopover - 11 days in Fort Myers Florida

Take 2 - Fort Myers Florida to Las Vegas Nevada

San Antonio TX to El Paso TX 7.5 hours 889 km or 550 miles - 3 gas fill-ups, lunch, 1 bio break and an accident as we got into El Paso but gained another hour as we hit Mountain Time.

We were up and out of the condo by 7:30AM and headed out of San Antonio.

Not much to say about this drive other than boring and WINDY!! Started out cloudy but we soon had beautiful sunshine.

Towns or stages of life?

Speed limit is 80 MPH on I-10.

No kidding!


We checked into the Doubletree in downtown El Paso and went for a short walk.

There isn't much around that appealed to us and the thought of walking back in the dark on deserted streets so near two bus terminals and the Mexican border town of Juarez didn't appeal to us.

It felt like being in to shopping area of a Mexican town.

We had dinner in the restaurant in the hotel.

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