Thursday, December 12, 2013

On the Road Again- Take 2.2

We're back on the road for our trek to Las Vegas, our next extended (2 weeks) stopover where we will meet friends and spend Christmas.

Take 1 - 4 days Toronto to Orlando Florida 

Stopover - 7 days at Disney World

Stopover - 11 days in Fort Myers Florida

Take 2 - Fort Myers Florida to Las Vegas Nevada

Take 2.2 - Tallahassie FL to Baton Rouge LA 6 hours 709 km or 442 miles
The drive ended up taking over 7 hours again due to an accident that cost us an hour. 2 stops for gas, lunch, and one bio break. But we gained an hour as we drove in Central Time zone.

Up early to get on the road by 8AM after taking advantage of Hilton's free breakfast. This Hilton had the nicest employees ever!!

Weather was cool but sunny as we set out.

State Capital at 8AM

Alan Jackson - Chattahoochee

Still sunny!

The second longest bridge in the US is the Jubilee Parkway an 8-mile-long twin viaduct carrying Interstate 10 across Mobile Bay opened in 1978. As for the bridge’s moniker, Jubilee refers to a bizarre but much-celebrated local event when fish, crabs, shrimp and other sea creatures suddenly swarm into the shallow waters of Mobile Bay, and even crawl or slither their way onto land.

Once across the bridge you then enter The George Wallace Tunnel a pair of road tunnels that carry Interstate 10 into the downtown of Mobile beneath the Mobile River.

Clouding over...

Hampton Inn and Suites Downtown Baton Rouge is a lovely hotel near the river. The area is being rejuvenated with bars and restaurants and condos planned for the area also. 

Out our window - Mississippi River in background.

The Horace Wilkinson Bridge is a cantilever bridge carrying Interstate 10 in Louisiana across the Mississippi River from Port Allen in West Baton Rouge Parish to Baton Rouge.

Dinner was at an Italian restaurant around the corner called The Little Village.
It was amazing! I had been told we HAD to order their bread and we did. We could easily just have had this for dinner along with the salad that came with our meals.

Look at this bread with roasted garlic and cheese!!OMG!  If you don't believe me read this blogger's description of the bread!

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