Saturday, December 14, 2013

On The Road Again - Take 2.5

We're back on the road for our trek to Las Vegas, our next extended (2 weeks) stopover where we will meet friends and spend Christmas.

Take 1 - 4 days Toronto to Orlando Florida

Stopover - 7 days at Disney World

Stopover - 11 days in Fort Myers Florida

Take 2 - Fort Myers Florida to Las Vegas Nevada

Take 2.1 Fort Myers to Tallahassie FL
Take 2.2 Tallahassie FL to Baton Rouge LA
Take 2.3 Baton Rouge LA to San Antonio TX
Take 2.4 San Antonio TX to El Paso TX

Take 2.5 - El Paso TX to Tucson AZ 4.5 hours 507 km or 316 miles.

Today was an easy drive in beautiful weather. Leaving El Paso at 8AM after a Starbucks breakfast which cost more than our lunches this week. We are spoilt having our breakfast provided at the other Hiltons.

The stench was just awful as we entered new Mexico and we quickly found out why. This is known as Dairy Row from El Paso to Las Cruces NM and more than 30,000 cows live in 11 farms located one after the other.
Dealing with the waste — so-called "manure management" — is the dairy industry's greatest environmental challenge.Everyday, an average cow produces six to seven gallons of milk and 18 gallons of manure. New Mexico has 300,000 milk cows. That totals 5.4 million gallons of manure in the state every day. It's enough to fill up nine Olympic-size pools. Every single day.

Next were pecan farms.

Love these signs!

Cars and trucks had to pull over and we were asked our citizenship.

Looks pretty dry, doesn't it.

Billboards keep you entertained!

Went into town of Bowie as there was a billboard for pecans and almonds, but the town was just dead. I find this very disheartening. These towns are enchanting but just can't survive.


Checked in to the Hilton Garden Suites near airport, didn't appear to be anywhere to stay downtown, and then headed down to 4th St. which happened to be having a street fair, the biggest I've ever seen.

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