Sunday, December 15, 2013

On The Road Again - Take 2.6

We're back on the road for our trek to Las Vegas, our next extended (2 weeks) stopover where we will meet friends and spend Christmas.

Take 1 - 4 days Toronto to Orlando Florida
Stopover - 7 days at Disney World
Stopover - 11 days in Fort Myers Florida
Take 2 - Fort Myers Florida to Las Vegas Nevada
Take 2.1 Fort Myers to Tallahassie FL
Take 2.2 Tallahassie FL to Baton Rouge LA
Take 2.3 Baton Rouge LA to San Antonio TX
Take 2.4 San Antonio TX to El Paso TX
Take 2.5 El Paso TX to Tucson AZ

Tucson AZ to Las Vegas NV 6 hours 647 km or 402 miles and you gain an hour. We are now three hours behind Toronto time.

Our last day on the road for two weeks! Las Vegas is our target but we did not want to go the most obvious route up through Flagstaff as we didn't want to encounter any snow of any kind as we did in March.

Toronto December 14, 2013 courtesy of BFF

Sunset last night in Tucson while Toronto was having a severe snow storm!!

This morning we didn't get on the road by 8AM as we have all week. We sat and had breakfast and were on the road by 9.

View as we headed out.

The GPS `lady`was insistent that we go through Flagstaff so we had to resort to a hard copy map.

Once through Phoenix we stayed on I-10 towards LA.

More dairy farms.

A round-about!

First view of the Strip.

View from the condo, kinda blurry.

Settled in for two weeks, ordering pizza for dinner and sleeping in tomorrow!

I`ll post photos of where we`re staying later this week.


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