Saturday, December 14, 2013

inSPREd Sunday

September 2013 - Columbus Ohio

The last service at Central Presbyterian Church in downtown Columbus was held in November 2011. The church was closed due to diminishing membership and rising maintenance costs. It was listed at $775,000.
CAPA, a Columbus arts group bought the 156-year-old building on South Third Street to be used as a a concert and recital hall.

It has stained glass windows that first were on exhibit at the 1893 World’s Fair, or World’s Columbian Exposition, in Chicago. It also had magnificent Hook & Hastings pipe organ that remains in working order.


  1. Thank goodness this beautiful structure was saved and is going to be put to good use. The stonework is amazing.

  2. i love the doors & that banner or blue doodad over the door. so neat! ( :

  3. It's good that the church building will be preserved and re-used as a concert venue.

    «Louis» posted a rather homely-looking church in the Victorian village of Ferndale, California.

  4. Very nice church no comfort but many churches in the UK close because of lack of people attending the church


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