Monday, December 9, 2013

Disney - Day 5

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Polynesian Resort

BFF’s birthday!!

We headed over to Epcot to visit some more countries.

Canada - see link above for more photos.

It turned out to be a gorgeous warm day and we stopped for a beer in the pub in England.

This ibis was getting very close!

Some more globe trotting...



Video of the drummers

Back to the resort to get ready for dinner and the birthday girl had a surprise waiting for her from her girls.

We met in the lounge of the Coronado Resort for cocktails.

We were advised that the best way to get to the Floridian was to take the bus to the Magic Kingdom and then board the monorail. However, the boats were running so we thought that would be more fun.

Alas, Lewis was our driver and upon leaving the dock he had a mishap which required us to disembark and wait for security to inspect the boat before it would be allowed to leave.

Once again the efficiency of Disney astounded us, three people immediately arrived and one of them diverted another boat and had us on our way in no time.

 Click here for details of our luscious dinner

We had a view of the Magic Kingdom's fireworks as we had dinner.

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