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March 2015 - Auckland New Zealand

Cathedral of St. Patrick and St. Joseph.
Within two months of the grant, on July 29, 1841, a public meeting was held “for the purpose of taking into consideration the best mode of obtaining subscriptions for the erection of an edifice for the worship of Almighty God by persons of that persuasion”.

That evening, 13 men were elected to a building committee and £200 were subscribed. In addition, a subscription list was opened at the Shamrock, Rose and Thistle on Shortland Crescent, home of Mr. Patrick Donovan.

At a meeting the following week, Bishop Pompallier “was pleased to name the intended Roman Catholic church after St. Patrick and St. Joseph".

By January 1842, a small wooden presbytery had been built on the church site.

The land that the Cathedral sits upon is a local and national heritage treasure. The land provided the site for the first Catholic church in Auckland and the first cathedral church in New Zealand.


  1. First I must say that the car is sweet! A wonderful tower and the interior is outstanding. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  2. I haven't been to Auckland to see the sights yet, so I'm glad you posted this church. Great photos.

  3. i love the shot looking up. very cool. Happy Easter!! ( :
    have a nice weekend.

  4. There are so many wonderful parts to this post!

  5. Very nice looking church that, love the internal shot


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