Friday, April 3, 2015

Day 4 - Homeward Bound LA to Toronto

March 2015

We grabbed coffee from downstairs and had our fresh cookies that Hilton provides on check in.
 We then took a quick trip into Flagstaff.

We've been in Flagstaff before. So we didn't make many stops except for some murals which I'll feature later.

We decided to go into Sedona, a place we have spent a lot of time. Flagstaff is at 7,000 feet above sea level and Sedona is about 4.000 feet so the drive is downhill all the way.

Bell rock. It is Sunday and it is gorgeous out so everything is packed downtown,

We head to a brewery that we've been to before. It is under new management and is now a wine/craft beer operation. The decor has vastly improved and they carry a great line of wines and beers.

We are the only clients and order a pastrami and a smoked salmon and cream cheese panini. We wait forever for our food. John's comes out finally and I am wondering why mine isn't ready before his. ANSWER: mine is hot, the salmon is hot, the cream cheese is warm and the bread is warm. I'm a city girl, this was not a smoked salmon and cream cheese sandwich. The salmon was like a filet of salmon with warm cream cheese. It was uneatable. John did point out that it said panini which implies heated on a grill. I replied that panini also refers to a type of bread. In Italy the word panino is the diminutive form of pane (bread) and refers to a bread roll.

But we did buy some wine and port.

Time to get serious and get to Tucson between 3 and 4 PM to meet up with blogger friends K and E.

The palo verde is colouring the desert with bright yellow.

Almost there.

We are greeted by K and E and meet their good friend D. Happy Hour is already underway and we all get settled in. K shows us to our room for the night. We meet the three cat girls,

We saw E's huge train collection although it was still in boxes from their move.

K sets a feast of roast pork, broccoli, mashed potatoes, biscuits and apple sauce. All home made, K loves to cook!! It was such a pleasure for John and I to have a home cooked meal and sit around the table with new good friends.

Lots of good laughs and all is good.
We should have taken photos but I guess we were just having such a good time.

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