Thursday, April 2, 2015

Travel Photo Thursday

I am getting caught up on blogging stuff and thought I'd share a couple of interesting emails I received recently regarding blog content.

A gentleman had tracked down a photo I had taken in September 2013 in New York City. 

Here is his email and his response when I asked how he had found my photo.

Thank you for such an amazing photograph. Yes, I am the gentleman photographed in uniform at Lord & Taylor 5th Avenue NYC.

Caldrequis Mendez Lesley
aka "Mannequin Man!"

I am very frequently photographed and curiosity led me to it. I googled LORD & TAYLOR DOORMAN and your amazing photo appeared. Thank you! 

Another email had tracked down a Sepia Saturday photo taken in England in 1970.

I told him I would look through my photos when I returned home, but it is unlikely that I have any photo that he is looking for as film was so expensive back then and I was travelling with my parents.
But who knows?

Hi Jackie

I hope you don't mind but I was searching the net to find pictures of Woburn in the 1970s - I was an elephant keeper there and have NO photos of myself! The picture of the giraffes on your travel blog certainly placed the era - you wouldn't have any of a 17 year old young man with elephants (or taking people for trips on Drakelow lake to chimpanzee island - and often running aground... !)?

If you have, I would be very grateful.
Best Regards
(Perth, Western Australia)


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