Friday, April 3, 2015

Day 5 - Homeward Bound LA to Toronto

March 2015

We're up early and enjoy a leisurely breakfast with K and E. So nice to have just good ole plain coffee and some potato cakes (so Irish), ham and bacon. K had also made her own creme fraiche, something I am going to have to try when we get home.

It is also K's birthday!!

I even learned that K has a connection to a Guggenheim that was on the Titanic!!

We lounge about and then leave around 12: 15 to meet some other blogger friends that happen to be in the area. We spent a lot of time with them last winter in Mazatlan.

We met them at a local pub, known to K and E as well.
We had a great time catching up and didn't leave until after 2 PM.  C did a great job of recapping our lunch.

We plan on making it to Las Cruces NM for the evening.

As we watch the sun set we realize we have lost an hour and are now in Mountain Time Zone.

Losing the hour and getting in late means dinner is late.

Nice Hampton hotel but no restaurant. I had chosen this hotel because it said it was in DOWNTOWN Las Cruces.
Nope, off the highway and the restaurant next door is out of business. So pizza it is....

They only have paper cups in the rooms so I went to the desk to see if I could get glasses, nope, only paper. Since John refuses to drink his scotch from a paper cup he went to the car to get our travel glasses.

I get the name of a local pizza joint and John calls, he actually mentions how nice the guy was that took the order. It is delivered in less than thirty minutes and is delicious.

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