Friday, April 17, 2015

Day 18 - Moseying Home LA to Toronto

April 2015 - Nashville TN

We're up early and have the complimentary breakfast provided, and people watch as it is full of NRA participants.

We head down to the Johnny Cash Museum, snapping on the way, most people are not out yet.

The sky was full of cotton wool clouds.

Not sure if he is an early bird or just hasn't gone home yet.

I'll do a detailed post on the museum in the future. 

We leave the museum and discover the Goo Goo store. Anyone who has ever been to a Cracker Barrel knows about this addictive chocolate!

We're still trying to figure out why we had never noticed this bridge before!

We had been to the Country Music Hall of Fame in the early '90s, I need to check our photos. Lots more photos to come!!!

We decided on Joe's Crab Shack for lunch, a definite favourite of both of us!! Our last crab fix was in Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago.

We figure we can then have dinner up our way.

After lunch we split up, John goes back to the hotel and I wander around. I had planned on seeing the Walk of Fame but it is under renovation.
Across the street from the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Street is closed for NRA, check out this guy's shirt.

Gorgeous blossoms!!

I checked out some churches.
The side of the Custom House.

Signpost for the museum exhibit.

Behind the Visual Arts Center.

I went to the museum, $12 to enter and no photos. I found a new sculptor that I really liked, John Rogers. I also liked the photography of Tina Barney, check out her website.

Dinner turns out to be an interesting excursion.

We had been to the Flying Saucer in Fort Worth a week ago and really enjoyed it.

So we headed to their location in Nashville.
We have also been to Nashville bars many times, including this day and the day before.

We sat down and I ordered a glass of wine, the server asks for ID.
I didn't even bring my purse. No problem, my husband said he'd run back to the hotel and get my ID.

He leaves and the server then says, where are we from? I say Canada and she says oh then we need our passports as ID as our "state" ID  would not be acceptable.

With that I stomped left as I knew my husband would never think of bringing our passports.

As world travelers, our passports are always in the hotel safe. We would never take them out with us, copies maybe, depending on the country. Plus we have never been asked for passport as ID in the United States.

Never mind the fact that we have never been asked for ID in Nashville.

We went to another place for dinner and were not asked for any IDs.


  1. Foolish of the server- what sort of bar asks for ID for someone who'd be beyond the age of majority?

    I like some of the architecture here, particularly the Customs House.

    The mindset of NRA members, on the other hand, appalls me.

    1. William, we were in San Diego one year and everyone was carded, the rationale was that way no one is discriminated against. I'm fine if it is a state requirement to show ID but not my passport!!

  2. Totally agree with Williams' comment


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