Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Day 17 - Moseying Home LA to Toronto

April 2015 - Nashville TN

Since we are on the executive floor at the Hilton "Memphis" we are supposed to get our breakfast in the lounge, but, no, it is Saturday and it is not open.

We check out and I voice my complaints to the desk clerk who said we should have been given breakfast coupons. I explained how badly the check in was handled and she checked and said it was a trainee. Fine, but trainees shouldn't be on the desk for Hilton Honors guests. She was very gracious and reduced the price of our room since we didn't get any benefits.

This fabulous sculpture of Satchmo is in the lobby.

The eyes were amazing, I felt like they were staring at me.

We pull off intending to eat at Loretta Lynn's Kitchen but it is a buffet and we don't need want that much food.

We opt for BBQ instead and then laugh as we realize we had eaten here a few years ago, but it was much smaller. John had ribs and I had pulled pork sandwich.

We get into our hotel, Holiday Inn Express, the only place I could find as NRA, 70,000 of them, are in town for the annual convention. Don't even ask what we had to pay for this place. The only good thing was the location, new to us across from the renovated Union Station.

The Customs House.

Just a few people hanging out at one of the bars.

It is so crazy busy so we have a beer and then head back to check in. John watches golf and then I went out to get some photos as the light was really good.

Visual Arts Center, I plan on stopping in tomorrow.

We decide it is too busy and everywhere would be too packed so we order a pizza and watch American Sniper.


  1. Quite crowded, but that is to be expected of Nashville.

    The Armstrong statue really works well. I'm reminded of the Oscar Peterson one here.

  2. All those people at that bar! Ugh. Love the sculpture of Armstrong. Wow. And the flowers too.


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