Sunday, April 19, 2015

Day 21 HOME LA to Toronto

April 15, 2015 - HOME

We get on the road quickly and pick up breakfast at McDonald's. The goal is to make it home by mid-afternoon, pick up groceries and have a home cooked meal!

 Leaving Pittsburgh. Definitely a city that we will come back to.

Nice place to live... in Harmony.

We stop in Grove City at the factory outlets and pick up some Kitchen Aid attachments and some Bath Works creams and soaps.

We use our Nexus cards, drop our declaration sheets into the box, answer his question "how long have you been away" "4 months" "great".

Darn, we should have gotten more at Duty Free!!


We load up a baggage cart and with the help of the doorman, I push it through and wait for John, I don't have my house keys as my BIL has them and John needs his to get in from the garage.


  1. Good that you've got family around to keep an eye on the place after being gone that long.


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