Monday, April 13, 2015

Our World Tuesday

Our World Tuesday Graphic

Our World Tuesday

February 2015 - Wat Hanchey Cambodia

Click here for the highlights of our day, especially the adorable children!!

We had the option to either take a bus or climb up to the monastery.

Wat Hanchey, also known as Hanchey Kiri, a contemporary Buddhist temple and monastery complex, built on a prominent hill.

Arriving at the top at the temple, there is a commanding view of the Mekong River. The site still has a seventh century brick structure of a Hindu temple dedicated to Shiva.

Our guides had prepared a gift for the monks, wrapped with gold paper.

We had been coached in our behaviour.
We were seated on the floor and

The blessing was recited in both Pali and Khmer, while water was sprinkled on the respectful crew seated on the floor with heads bowed and hands pressed together.

The brightly colored temple has giant fruit sculptures everywhere.


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