Thursday, May 3, 2018

Thursday Doors

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April 2018 - Toronto ON

Walking through the Financial District around King and Bay this week, gave me some new doors.

Last summer I visited this building, Canada Permanent Trust, but only noticed this outside door for the Savings Department this week.

357 Bay St. Dream touts itself as: Situated within Toronto's financial core along the Bay Street corridor, 357 Bay offers tenants fast and convenient access to the PATH system, TTC options, Eaton Centre, great downtown restaurants, shopping, hotels, cafes and entertainment. The historic façade and interior finishes provide an elegant feeling while the bright open suites offer businesses impressive and unique workspace options.

Of far more interest to me the doors that had this plaque:
At 357 Bay Street you will find these beautiful bronze art deco doors.
There is a set of these double doors on the outside of the building and they show the wear and tear of being exposed to the elements over the years. Just inside these doors you will find another identical set that have been protected and are in much better condition. These doors are the main entrance to 357 Bay Street which is a 10-storey office building in downtown Toronto that was built in 1921.

From the plaque near the outer doors:
"The art deco bronze doors at the entrance-way to this building originally graced the main entrance of The Toronto Star Building at 80 King St. W. from 1929 to 1971. When The Star relocated, the doors were donated to The Royal Ontario Museum. In 1991, they were presented to the newly-renovated 357 Bay St. building for public display."

I often pass these doors on that side of the street but this time I had crossed King St. and could see the entire door, although the sun was very bright.

Click here to more CIBC.

Here more buildings around the area.


  1. A beautiful entrance! At some point I must have passed by it.

  2. You found some real beauties in that part of town. Those bronze doors do need a good cleaning and polishing but I can imagine there's only so much that can be done after being exposed to the elements for all those decades.
    Nice post :-)

  3. Such elegant doors, beautiful ironwork.


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