Friday, May 18, 2018

Baked Goods

May 2018 - Toronto ON

May 2018 - Kensington Market Toronto


I made "clean out the fridge/freezer" beef soup with noodles. Everything was leftovers.

Then I made another ice cream, this time I added a bag of frozen fruit that I had found on sale at Longo's, regular $6.99 for $2.99!!

Dinner was teriyaki salmon, garlic mushroom quinoa and broccoli.


Shadow Shot Sunday
Who for One Word Sunday
inSPIREd Sunday from Doors Open a couple of weekends ago
Past Meets Present at Union Station

We went to Kitchen Stuff Plus because I had seen a rug of the balcony in another store.

Carpet bought we decided to go for a burger at Burger's Priest, the best in town and they have gluten free or keto buns!

We did some housekeeping then settled in to watch our individual favourite shows.

Dinner was roast pork belly with a new recipe cauliflower "fried rice" with ginger and soy. This "fried rice" is a definite keeper as we both loved it. I had made a dipping sauce for the pork and it was delicious on the rice as well.

Monday Mural Young Jarus in Graffiti Alley

I decided to spend the day organizing, so other than a quick jaunt to the $$ store I wasn't out.

John went to the hardware store for some items and also bought a hibiscus for the balcony.

I reorganized my linen closet, it had gotten sloppy.

Then I organized one of the drawers with some baskets for the various smaller cooking utensils.

I forgot to take a before photo. I use a lot of different flours for gluten free cooking. These items stacked take up less room. I need a couple more.

Eliminated five containers that I had reused and not sure what I will do with these tall containers.

I marinated chicken for tomorrow's slow cooker butter chicken.

Then I decided to make the cauliflower rice again but this time included carrot and broccoli and served with 5 spice meatballs. John thought the meatballs were a keeper, I don't. they're not bad just not noteworthy.

Foto Tunes on Queen St. W
SPAM Museum Austin MN

John went to the hardware store as our mirror in the bathroom had fallen down last week and he needed a clamp and glue.

The hibiscus John bought after a good soak in the shower and looking much perkier. I think I'd like more for the balcony.

It was a rainy day but was supposed to clear up so we thought we would go out but it never did really get nice so we ended up doing more organizing and chores.

I have mulled over whether I wanted a deep fryer for eons. We don't eat much fried food but do hanker after a good French fry and chicken wing. We broke down and this was delivered today.

I made this banana yogurt bread which looked fantastic when I took it out of the oven but it quickly dropped like a souffle. It also seemed to be undercooked so we have been toasting it for breakfast.

I was not overly impressed with the slow cooker butter chicken. Considering it was marinated overnight and I added a lot more spices and vegetables it was not that tasty, too much trouble for little flavour.


I headed out by bus and subway to find a gallery with a Contact exhibit. I got off the subway at Lansdowne, an area I am not familiar with other than driving by on Bloor St. West.

Using my phone I spent a fruitless hour trying to find the exhibit.

But I did come across other things.

Pleasing construction site hoarding/fencing.

One of two French schools on this block.

On St. Helen's Ave a series of murals.

Apparently I was supposed to go down a lane from Lansdowne to St. Helen's to find 11 Dublin St.

 I finally did, but couldn't see the gallery, it is an industrial building with several units, and I just didn't feel comfortable so abandoned that idea.

There were lots of murals, a couple of churches and a library along the way as well.

And a Weekend Reflection.

So I walked to Bloor intending to take the subway at Lansdowne. But one thing led to another and I ended up walking three subway stops and 11,100 steps.
On the way back I took the subway to College Park, picked up a few more containers for the kitchen and stopped in the grocery store there.

Since John is usually not home until around 8 on Wednesdays after golf I try to make a light dinner.

He loves clam chowder and hasn't had any in two years since the last time was in Williamsburg and he was sick as there was obviously flour in it.
So I finally got around to making chowder and this recipe was so simple and easy.
I also found the recipe for the best ever copy cat gluten free Red Lobster cheese biscuits. Also a keeper. My original recipe was made with Bisquick but the gluten free Bisquick just didn't work, it is very chalky.

Thursday Doors at U of T

The guys were golfing (again). No worries my BFF and I met up and hit the stores.

Some sights along the way.

A new cushion! It says YOU on the back.

We stood and watched as they attached this eagle to the side of this new condo.
Toronto’s Official Plan encourages the inclusion of public art in significant private-sector developments; the City’s Percent for Public Art Program recommends that one per cent of the gross construction cost of each large development be contributed to public art — in exchange, developers are allowed to have taller buildings, more units and other concessions.

This is a different perspective on downtown that I usually shoot. Looking west on The Esplanade.

North from The Esplanade.

Lunch in the new food court in the Sun Life building where I saw the Banksy a couple of weeks ago.

The food court has a balcony!

Gorgeous open layout. We had carne asada (flank steak) tacos that were delicious from Taqueria.

Finally home and I gave the balcony its first cleanup and got the carpet down. Moved some plants out and even repotted one. 


We headed out at 12:30 and then took the subway to St. George. We were way under dressed as it was really windy out.

From St. George we walked along Dundas West and found this new installation across from the AGO Art Gallery of Ontario, Van Gogh Observes by Saskatchewan artist Joe Fafard.

From the front

At the back.

Green Dots by Ewa Tarsia

We headed to lunch in Kensington Market at Burgernator as they have a gluten free bun.

Check out the Burgernator!

Good burger and love the salted pickle on it! The fries were fantastic and I'm not a fry fan. John said best gluten free bun so far. I found my bun a little too bready.

Click here for a highlight of our outing, a chance to see Elicser Elliott the muralist at work.

Another Jimmy's! Famous for murals of Jimmys'.
Jimmy's Ossington
Jimmy's Gerrard

This one is on Baldwin.

More Jimmys.

Spadian, aka Chinatown (one of three)

Another 9K walk.

Ta ta for now, must be up early with my fascinator for the wedding.

A trip to Windsor.


Foreign Language editions of Sherlock Holmes Toronto Reference Library

Finally got a copy from the library of Three Floors Up. Each floor is a separate story, with the characters all living in the same apartment building in the Israeli suburbs.
I totally enjoyed it.

Sister of Mine fairly predictable, but decent read which turned out to be actually quite good in the third section with the story taking an unexpected turn.


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  1. That cauliflower rice looks really good, and I like your changes. No thanks to the Burgernator! That sounds HUGE.

    I always love all your shots of Toronto. And nice that you had some rain-free days. I was going to work on the deck this afternoon (now that I'm rested after getting up early for the wedding), but rain, rain, rain ... maybe tomorrow.

    1. Up early for the wedding also!! And same was going to work on plants but pouring rain here too!

  2. I'd have a go at a burgenator for lunch, and suspect I wouldn't need dinner.

    My mother tended to vary meatballs- sometimes regular, other times different, like Hawaiian,Italian, or Swedish style.

  3. Busy week and you have lots going on. I'm a big fan of red hibiscus. Yours is lovely.

  4. I copied your "fried rice" recipie :)
    Beautiful Hibiscus!

  5. Just coffee for me, please, Jackie. I've already eaten. :) :) Many thanks for the link.

  6. I love churros too. The best I ever had were made by a street vendor at a place called La Bufadora below Ensenada in Baja California. It's a place where the ocean waves blow up through a hole the the rock cliff and spray into the air. In English it is called a blowhole. The vendor's cart included a bubbling vat of oil in which the curros were cooked fresh then rolled in cinnamon sugar. They were hot, crispy and sweet. I've never had any that good since, but maybe it was the atmosphere at the edge of the sea with the breeze and mist from the sea. - Margy

  7. I also love churros, but too much sugar for me. Now, that Burgernator sounds interesting, but I don't believe I'd eat the whole thing!
    So many wonderful see beauty in so many places, don't you? I admire that.
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  8. The eagle artwork is stunning - but to do work like that would still be a little out of my comfort zone!
    Love the front of the French school. Eh, of course I have to say "something" about Vincent van Gogh - he had in reality blue eyes and blond hair! Am drooling about the store with kitchen things:):) Many thanks Jackie for sharing with All Seasons. If Toronto wasn't so far, I would have definitely wanted to visit! (I know you visited the end of the earth, so for you distance is not a problem, lol). Have a great week!


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