Friday, May 18, 2018

Bloor St West

 May 2018 - Toronto ON

I had intended to find a CONTACT photography exhibit near Bloor St. West and Lansdowne, I did finally find it but was uncomfortable in the area so skipped it and instead decided to explore this part of Bloor St. West. I will be coming back as they were many sights and stores that warrant a longer visit.

On Lansdowne, at one time this was a strong Italian/Portuguese  neighbourhood.

St. Helen's Ave has an animal themed mural beside the Value Village.

I had intended to get back on the subway at Lansdowne but spotted this on Bloor.

Toronto History Blog:
The Academy Theatre at 1286 Bloor Street West was one of Toronto’s earliest movie theatre. Plans for it were submitted to the city in November 1914.

This was cram packed with junk treasured items and I intend to go back and have a good look around.

An old sign uncovered at the now Emerson Restaurant. I could not find out anything about the Credit Strand Clothiers.

Sign at the Grey Tiger Bar.

Sign at the Muslim Centre.

Again, I couldn't find any information about this old LOANS sign.

We are in the midst of provincial campaigning and Doug Ford is unfortunately running. Everyone will remember him as the brother of the infamous Rob Ford who was mayor of Toronto and who made us a laughing stock.

And now for a little more elegance.

Originally named for its local community, the Dovercourt Branch was the first Toronto Public Library building to be constructed solely with funds from the City of Toronto, and without the aid of Carnegie grants. Designed by the Toronto firm Chapman and McGiffin, Architects, the branch is a Beaux Arts adaptation of the Italian Renaissance style. Its symmetrical plan features a low, hipped roof with extended eaves, Flemish bond brickwork with stone and terracotta detailing, and expansive round-arched windows. Considered the largest library branch in Canada at the time, the building was also noted for the outdoor reading terrace between the wings of its U-shaped plan. It was later renamed the Bloor/Gladstone Branch to indicate more clearly its location. Renovated and expanded in 1976, the building was nearly doubled in size with the completion, in 2009, of a contemporary addition on its western side.

Near Bathurst.

Black Horse established in 1892, I've read that it is a bit of a dive.


  1. The mysteries of loans and credit.

  2. Ransack the Universe is a good name for a shop. I agree with those sentiments about Doug Ford. The very fact that the party let that vile thug take the leadership is unforgivable. The Ontario PCs will never, for the rest of my life, get a vote out of me.

    Considering how he and Rob blatantly used cancer in that mayoral election to score political points, that was also unforgivable. When Rob died, that was one of those rare occasions when a person's death pleased me. Doug can join Rob in hell as far as I'm concerned.

    Is it obvious I'm not a fan?


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