Saturday, May 5, 2018

ăn tự nhiên nhé!

 That's Vietnamese for enjoy your meal!

I finally put together a index/page of all my recipes, now it is easier to find what I am looking for! It will appear as a tab under the banner.

May 2018 - Yonge St Toronto ON

May 2018 - Toronto ON


I decided to make this keto coconut bread , but it uses seven eggs! And I thought it was horrible, John finally said it tasted like French toast that wasn't quite cooked. Not a keeper. Finally went in the garbage.

For lunch we had Nate's Bagels gluten free cheese and potato perogies and they were delicious.

As they were frozen I put them in boiling water until they floated to the top, about five minutes then pan fried them in olive oil and butter.

Dinner was carbonara with pancetta.


I had some haddock and used this recipe to make battered fish and chips with mushy peas.  The recipe was pretty good, but the batter didn't stick well.
Now on a mission to perfect this without a deepfryer.

Last week I mentioned Maple Leaf Gardens on our walk to Allan Gardens.

We also passed the funky Mystic Muffin Diner.

I also mentioned Massey Hall.

Magnificent St. Michael's Cathedral.


This is the Banksy mural I found on Friday.

John went to hit golf balls and have lunch with a friend while I headed downtown to get a haircut and look around the final days of the big sales at The Bay.

Reflections in the Financial District.

Under renovations at the Bay.


I found some lovely doors in the Financial District.

We had ground pork and green beans which I have been making since the 80s but with some updated additions.


As I was walking over for a mani-pedi the birds were out, the grass is green and the buds are finally on the trees.

John and I went downtown and we walked over to Graffiti  Alley which now has a sign!

I had shown you this new mural by Uber 5000 back in October. It is in Graffiti Alley but behind a fence usually. But on this day a driver remotely opened the gate so he could park and we were able to get better shots before it closed again.


The artist, uber5000,added Toronto's most notorious stories to the busy scene.

"I wanted to seed it with Easter eggs," he said, so Toronto residents could nudge and wink at each other as they passed by.

On the far right, Crane Girl perches high up on her stomach-dropping platform, looking bored and aloof even in reproduction.

Woman rescued from crane by Toronto firefighter

'DartGuy': the man, the meme, the Leafs' newest mascot

Just below her, Dart Guy's proud visage keeps watch over the city, still dreaming of the day the Toronto Maple Leafs bring home a Stanley Cup.

"We added him last weekend, and posted a photo on Instagram. Dart Guy actually got back to us," uber5000 told CBC Toronto, laughing. "He was so excited."

The Ikea monkey, determined as ever, scales the CN Tower, where a tiny Drake sits overlooking "The 6ix."


Even "that red helicopter that's always zipping around downtown" made it onto the mural, the artist said.


Image Makeover Salon

A Taco Bell franchise has moved into the spot on Queen Street West where  live music venue The Hideout once stood.

On the back of the building is a tribute to The Hide Out.

I don't know the name but it is a City of Toronto 24 hour respite centre.

Back along Queen St. W

Popped into  a new Loblaw's and look at these!

Best burgers in town and have gluten free and keto bun options.

Reflecting on Queen St. W

Down another laneway and a couple of Birdo murals.

Such a gorgeous day and people were flocking to outdoor patios along Queen St. W.

License plate WILLNGOOD.

I made a new recipe ginger beef, which was definitely a keeper!!


I had to take a top back to the Bay as the clerk had left the security tag on. Mission accomplished I went wandering as it was a gorgeous day.

After that, I wandered up Yonge St. in the sunshine.

A stop at Ryerson.

The Elmwood Spa.

A grouping of food trucks across from Ryerson on Yonge.

Then I walked back down to Longo's to pick up some items for tonight's dinner.

There is always some kind of promotion going on around Union Station. I scored a bag of these which John said were delicious.

This post gives great directions for making pho (fuh) Vietnamese soup. I had a box of Campbell's Pho broth that I wanted to use as well as beef from yesterday.
To be honest, I wouldn't bother with the Campbell's Pho broth and would just use that recipe with beef broth.
The soup did turn out well, but one box of broth only yields two good dinner-sized bowls.


A day of chores and watching The Leftovers.

Sticky chicken and salad for dinner.


We woke to a very foggy morning and then the winds kicked in and the power went out for a short time.

I had tickets for an interactive tour at the ROM. I stopped at the Museum Tavern for lunch, delicious.
Spicy Tuna & Nori
avocado, chili pepper, ponzu, sesame, ginger, scallion

Royal Ontario Museum

Discover the intrigue and mysteries, as well as the enduring traditions celebrated today from the fascinating Victorian era. The Victorian era was the period of Queen Victoria's reign, from June 20, 1837 until her death on January 22, 1901. Witness the past through a visit in the ROM's Samuel European Galleries and the Sigmund Samuel Gallery of Canada. In this exciting 60 minute interactive tour, participants will have an opportunity to examine authentic artifacts.
It turned out to be longer as the presenter was passionate about her subject.

Seems our Victoria wasn't quite the staid stern ruler we thought.
One of the tales we heard.

The young Queen Victoria was nervous before her 1840 wedding to Albert. But the “unearthly feel” the new bride rapturously described in the days following was quite at odds with her era’s killjoy puritanism.
Writing about her wedding night:
"I NEVER, NEVER spent such an evening! MY DEAREST, DEAR Albert sat on a footstool by my side, and his excessive love and affection gave me feelings of heavenly love and happiness I never could have hoped to have felt before. He clasped me in his arms, and we kissed each other again and again! His beauty, his sweetness and gentleness, – really how can I ever be thankful enough to have such a Husband! Oh! This was the happiest day of my life!"

The movie Victoria and Abdul was also referred to as was PBS Victoria.

Some of the artefacts we could touch.

Widows were expected to wear special clothes to indicate that they were in mourning for up to four years after the death, although a widow could choose to wear such attire for the rest of her life. To change the costume earlier was considered disrespectful to the deceased and, if the widow was still young and attractive, suggestive of potential sexual promiscuity. Those subject to the rules were slowly allowed to re-introduce conventional clothing at specific times; such stages were known by such terms as "full mourning", "half mourning", and similar descriptions. For half mourning, muted colours such as lilac, grey and lavender could be introduced.

Men, however, only wore mourning clothes for a year.

Only certain jewelry was allowed.

At the funeral a widow would give attendees a

From The Boer War, tin of chocolates sent to the Front.

Boer War Queen's South Africa Medal

Outside the Gardiner Museum.

As I mentioned above you can often score samples outside Union Station, today it was tortillas!

For dinner we had steak, broccolini and garlic Parmesan potatoes.


September 2017 - Mason City Iowa

Finally finished Truly Madly Guilty and I will read more by her.

I started Pen 33 and will warn you that it is a very graphic explicit story about pedophilia.

For commuting I started The Wangs vs. The World, rather silly, and I'm not sure I will finish it.


  1. All interesting. I do like to see tram tracks in photos, and having tram power lines spoiling my photos is a load I have to carry, as do you.

  2. Wow, nice graffiti!

    best... mae at

  3. I love all the street art and murals and graffiti in Toronto! And the very photogenic architecture. The cupcakes are amazing. And the perogies look really good. Bummer on the bread, though.

    My book and recipe indexes are about 18 months behind. One of these days, I'll catch them up.

    I would have liked to have gone to the Victoria exhibit.

  4. Interesting post but my favs are the murals. They really add to the fun of the life.

  5. I'm missing living in a big city after reading and viewing your last week's adventure. Oh well. I enjoyed all the murals you showed. Every city, large and small, out to have a Graffiti Alley of some sort. I wonder if Queen Victoria would cringe if she knew that the public reads about her handwritten note of her wedding night. :-)
    The View from the Top of the Ladder

  6. Adding the Dutch version of "enjoy your meal, "Smakelijk Eten" Surprisingly, the "graffiti" (In this case I would say "art) fits with the building behind (?) Taco Bell - a great blend between part and present! @3 saw most of the series of Queen Victoria - it was refreshing, the way she was portrayed. Many thanks for sharing your week with All Seasons (and also the skull, haha) and have a lovely spring week!

  7. You have shared such a wonderful adventure! Thank you! Have a wonderful week!


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