Monday, May 28, 2018

Gluten Free Garage

May 2018 - Toronto ON

Gluten Free Garage  is Toronto's original pop-up gluten-free marketplace and ran an event at Artscape Wychwood Barns this weekend.

This is the first we have attended and there were many positives and a few negatives.

You had to buy tickets online $12 a person, so I assumed there wouldn't be "at the door" ticket sale but there was. Buying tickets ahead of time made me think they were controlling the number of attendees. Not so, and it was CROWDED.

To add to the crowds they had warned people there was limited parking, so everyone did what we did and got there right at 10. There is NO parking at the venue, only street parking in a very residential area.

The building was too small, and it was so hot.

Anywho, to the good - the number of vendors was amazing! Some samples available to fill your provided cotton bag.

A number of food vendors, like Burger's Priest, whom we love and Steambox Dumplings were outside the building before the paid entrance.

A new gluten free beer to us.

 You can find the menu items for Queen Arepa here and it is all gluten free.

List of vendors.

And who do we see, but our friends from Nate's Bagels where we made our fist purchases, saving us a trip to their outlet.

Mary Be's Kitchen

Tartistry is just up the street from us.

John declared this as the best white sliced bread, from Delicieux sans Gluten.

Spiffy had great carrot cake and were selling them at 3 for $10, impressive price for gluten free.

UPDATE - should have stocked up on more of these. One of these cakes was selling for $6.49 at Longo's today.

St. Anne's Bakery in Grafton ON.

Goodbye Gluten

I didn't take a photo of Mark's Mennonite Meats, which is nearby to us as well.
They carry a good selection of gluten free products.

A few of the samples were horrible, especially the chicken nuggets, dry and tasteless. The sample also needed a dipping sauce. My recipe is soooo much better.

It was well worth the visit, not sure about the entrance price to go shopping...

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