Sunday, May 13, 2018

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May 2018 - Stoney Creek ON
We visited this church as part of Doors Open Hamilton a week ago.

The Church of Our Saviour the Redeemer is 141 years old.

A Stoney Creek landmark, the Church of Our Saviour the Redeemer has stood on Lake Avenue South and Maple Avenue for generations.
The church was built in 1876 at 25 Lake Ave. S. and was the first Anglican Church to be constructed in the area. A rectory was built in 1891.
A shed acted as the parish hall until 1926 when congregation members constructed a new hall. A 1952 addition raised the church’s seating capacity from 92 to 232.
A new parish hall was designed by an architect and congregation member and was finished in 1968. The hall — named the Corman room for its benefactors — continues to be used for large gatherings. It also houses a kitchen.

The church assumed its current name in 2006 when it became amalgamated with the Church of Our Saviour.

A lovely side chapel.

This quilt contains a lot of local names.

This plaque intrigued me as a lover of Earl Gray tea. He is buried on the Stoney Creek Cemetery.


  1. ...something else to explore the next time I'm in Stoney Creek.

  2. Very pleasant chapel with nice detail and stained glass

  3. I thought of Earl Grey Tea also. Love the artwork and windows!


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