Saturday, December 25, 2021

Christmas Cheer


December 2021 - Toronto ON

No outings this week. We had some plans and thought we would be going out to lunch but are veering on the side of safety. Omicron numbers are crazy. By the end of the week they reached 9,600 cases on Friday and probably undercounted as there is a shortage of PCR tests available.

Saturday I had a great two hour visit with a friend who lives in the building. We went up to the club on the 44th floor. We also met up on Wednesday to do a quick gift exchange. 
The view - sadly that snow was gone within a couple of days.

Monday I made the decision to cancel going to my cousin's for Christmas. 
The condo sent out its revised rules for public spaces based on the new covid directions from the province. 
On Tuesday we had notification of a covid case in the building. 
We have been advised about elevators back to an occupancy of 2.
More reminders about wearing masks as per the city bylaw and no gathering in public places.

Thanks to Tom The Backroads Traveller for this!

And the cancellations and closures roll in without government orders. Museums - Gardiner, Textile, National Ballet of Canada, gyms have closed. Restaurants are making their own decisions.

Tuesday we took a quick (too quick, we passed some new murals and my driver didn't bite/stop) to stock up on chocolates from the Irish Scottish pop up leaving town on December 24.

Tuesday Treasures - on our neighbourhood
Signs - more social distancing

Since we've been chatting with Andrew High Riser about winter and what we do in preparation for the season, I thought this applied.
Chatham-Kent is a municipality in southwestern Ontario.

The rest of the week we laid low and didn't venture anywhere. 
Thursday my online grocery order came from Longo's. This worked out very well.
The loading dock even brought it up to our door for us.

Friday I spent preparing for Christmas dinner. I prepped the stuffing, made some soup stock for gravy (beef and chicken), cleaned the vegetables and made a tourtiere.


Saturday chicken divan with biscuits, these turned out really well.
Sunday roast beef, mashed potatoes and cauliflower, broccoli
Monday leftover roast beef stew
Tuesday spaghetti and sausage
Wednesday masala chicken thighs and spicy potatoes and cauliflower
Thursday cheese and crackers. Cheeses from our online order.

Best gluten free crackers from Costco.

Friday steak and loaded baked potato
I made tourtiere for Christmas Day using this pastry recipe omitting the sugar and adding salt.

I started watching the Holby Blue series but decided it was something we would both enjoy. So I switched to Endeavour.

Watched an interesting/entertaining Sandra Bullock movie Premonition a 2007 American supernatural thriller film.


I am hooked on the Helen Fields Edinburgh detective series on book 3 - Perfect Death. 


  1. Wishes for a safe, enjoyable, delicious and entertaining Christmas. May we return to normal (whatever that is) in the new year!

  2. I bought a tourtiere. My fridge is fully stocked.

  3. There are some great snow plough names. I was going to mention one or two that appealed to me but they are all so good.
    The detective novel sounds excellent.

  4. I LOVE the names of the snowplows.

    Sorry to read about your covid numbers rising. I learned a few days ago we have been instructed to wear TWO masks in public OR an N95 mask. I am so sorry to read it has struck your apt. complex, too. Not a great way to celebrate Christmas, but I hope you are safe in your home, dear.

  5. I think the numbers are rising all over the world. The good news is that it appears that it is much milder than regular Covid. You are wise to cancel going out for Christmas.

    Glad you did get a chance to get out a bit.

    And it's great that you found a detective series you like.

  6. Merry Christmas to you! We are camping this week and have a great lake view. Can't believe how fast this year went by!!

    I'm happy to hear yuo are enjoying the Helen Fields series. My first book by her arrived in the mail before we left on our trip and I left it Home!! Arggh!

  7. Sounds like you had a most excellent holiday week - even with a pandemic. Here we are business as usual. I wanted to take my niece to the Botanical Gardens winter wonder lights. It's all outside but we have to ride a shuttle bus - theoretically masks will be required on the bus but no one will be enforcing it. So I'm not sure what to do. Check out what I've been up to at Girl Who Reads

  8. Wishing you a very happy belated Christmas!

    Our restrictions have recently been loosened but I think that might be short lived.


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