Saturday, July 31, 2021

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 One Word Sunday

Mexico City - Our Lady of Guadalupe

OLDEST - In 1660 the first chapel-shrine to the Virgin of Guadalupe was built on the higher reaches of the Tepeyac hill. In the middle between the two basilicas.

OLDER - The second structure, the first basilica was built in the Virgin’s honor in 1695. This second structure remained the home of Juan Diego’s famous tilma (cloak) until the 1970s when after centuries of remodeling, and extensive damage caused by the sinking ground beneath the basilica.
OLD - A new basilica was built to one side of the same plaza.

The newest basilica.

In 1976 I took this shot of it being built.


  1. A hysterical memory for me when my granddaughter and I toured this basilica back in the day and she asked about the services taking place including confessional and associated punishments for different sins. Her eyes bugged out of her head at the horrors of my RC childhood in Cork and I have to say that listening to it all pouring out of my mouth, I just broke down laughing and had to assure her, yes I was serious. Even our thinking poorly had a penalty.


  2. Have you every say the blue house? Frida Kahlo place.
    Coffee is on and stay soon

  3. I love Mexico City - it gave me a strange feeling of familiarity when I first visited.
    And these shots of the new basilica in progress and complete and fascinating.
    Many thanks Jackie

  4. I've never been to Mexico City, so this was a genuine treat for me. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos, Jackie.

  5. Interesting, especially the last pic!


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