Saturday, December 18, 2021

After Coffee

Harbord St Toronto ON

I can't believe I got an e-mail from a store with this title 🚨Don't miss our PRE-BOXING DAY SALE!!

We have had very mild (record-breaking) temperatures this week but the winds have been incredible.

Covid numbers are climbing again leading some restaurants make the decision to cease indoor dining for a while.

Then this late Friday afternoon!
BREAKING: The Ontario government has announced new restrictions in response to the spread of the Omicron COVID-19 variant.

A 50% capacity limit will be instituted as of Sunday on bars, restaurants, barbers, salons, retailers, and shopping malls. Bars and restaurants to close at 11 PM. Sale of alcohol stopped at 10 PM. No food or drink allowed to be sold at sports events, or movie theatres. Fully vaccinated now means 3 shots.

'Now is not the time': Federal government warns against travel abroad as Omicron spreads

Monday John used the golf simulator. I had planned on going shopping, but then waited online to book my booster shot (Jan 4) and then spoke to the plumber again.
I decided to go out early Tuesday instead based on the climbing numbers.
I got into a baking frenzy and I made cranberry jam for another batch of gluten-free thumbprint cookies.

Tuesday I went downtown. 
Royal York Hotel

An unusual sight outside old city hall.

The Bay Santa's workshop.

The displays are animated. I thought I had taken a video, but...

I walked back underground and the food courts were deserted. I used to work in this building. As I got closer to the big bank towers it was a lot busier.

Skating rink at Union Station.

Wednesday, rainy, I had a hair cut appointment at 11 then I headed to the Eaton Centre which was remarkably empty for this time of year.

Dori just opened at the Toronto Eaton Centre so I wanted to check it out. The employee-less store carries all kinds of products, including candles, fresh macarons and "cheesecake sticks," "candy sushi," cocktail kits, soaps and teas.

Canada's tallest Christmas tree.

Läderach is your destination for fresh chocolate from Switzerland - not cheap!
This is their first North American outlet.

Back at Union, the Bay concourse food court has opened and has about 5 outlets so far.

Grand Tacos Taqueria
Mikey’s Smash Burgers
Union Chicken
Mean Bao
Butter Chicken Roti

These are popping up everywhere. FH itself has 19 in Toronto. They will do a booming business as everyone is running around trying to find the phantom free RATs or rapid antigen test kits that DOFO promised would be 
widely" available.

John had his eye appointment in the afternoon.
We had thought about going to the Distillery District to see the holiday village. I couldn't get any dinner reservations so we planned on something easy for dinner after. But it continued to rain and we decided against going.

Thursday we expected the bar door installer between noon and two, nope, arrived at 4, however it didn't take him very long, and finally the bar is finished.

I even put Christmas lights on our "tree".

Friday we had planned on lunch out with friends. But with all the Omicron doom and gloom (we, the women) decided to cancel until the new year.

But we did have a zoom cocktail visit with John's son and DIL in Montreal.


Saturday coconut shrimp (air fryer) (coconut flour, egg, coconut), salad and Irish soda bread
Sunday roast turkey breast, roast potatoes, carrots and gravy 
Monday hot turkey sandwiches and peas
Tuesday chicken curry
Wednesday burgers and chips (crisps)
Thursday leftover curry and onion bahjis which I baked in a muffin tin. I also made homemade tamarind dipping sauce. I need to find a better recipe.

Friday steak frites.


Watched Blitz, a 2011 British action thriller film starring Jason Statham, Paddy Considine, Aidan Gillen and David Morrissey. It was based on a book by Ken Bruen, a favourite author of mine.

The 80s 90s 00s movie stations are open at the moment so we are rewatching some oldies. Pulp Fiction and St. Elmo's Fire.

We also watched an In Bruges is a 2008 black comedy crime film written and directed by Martin McDonagh in his feature-length debut. The film stars Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson as two Irish hitmen in hiding, with Ralph Fiennes as their enraged boss. Funny.


I finished Perfect Remains and am loving the series so I started Perfect Prey


  1. It's so discouraging that we are once again cancelling things because of COVID. But we too are playing it safe. Still, it's nice that you were able to get out and about some. I've done very little baking this year; I guess it's hard to get into the spirit.

    I LOVE your new bar area. That's something our tiny house is missing. Maybe I can come up with something creative.

  2. We done coconut shrimp every so often. I wish or should I say it would be best for my community, if they took covid more to heart.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  3. The Royal York looks grand and I love the Streamliner.
    "I walked back underground." I watched an interesting light doco about your PATH system today.
    Dori is a vending machine store?
    The bar looks good now.
    Bruges looks interesting.

  4. Toronto really looks like a paradise for gourmet and ethnic foods. I love your photos of Christmas decorations.

    best... mae at

  5. LOVE your bar! That looks so nice. Also love the window displays. So cute!

  6. Love all the holiday photos. That red Christmas tree, my goodness. Merry Christmas. My Sunday Salon Post

  7. I'm so sorry they have had to start new restrictions again. It's so frustrating, I think.

    Your new bar is just beautiful. I am sure you will love this.

    I also think the drink vending machines are very fun.


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