Saturday, December 11, 2021


John and Front Toronto ON

December 2021 - Toronto ON

A strange week, we had some outings planned that didn't pan out. We seem to be in hibernation mode at the moment.

We went to Longo's early Saturday morning, a vary rare event for us. 
Longo's is in the building on the right by the Scotiabank video screen.

I had noticed yesterday that many items were on special. We get free underground parking at the downtown Longo's and it only takes 10 minutes to get there, we don't even need to wear coats and boots! 
In total we saved $55 on our bill, but we are stocked up. I even picked up a prime rib (on sale) for New Year's Day. New ice cream flavours, pineapple coconut, matcha tea and Swiss vanilla ($3.99 each). 
Even the chicken thighs were marked down as they were close to their best by date.
I had picked up a bottle of Bread and Butter wine yesterday, shelf marked as 18.99 but it rang in at 16.59 (odd price) so we grabbed two more today at that price as it is 18.95 at the LCBO.

After dividing up the meats we settled into our usual weekend routine.

I took some more lobby holiday photos when I went downstairs for milk.

Tuesday we had tickets (free timed) for the Art Gallery of Ontario. 
Sunrise when I got up before the day went downhill. I filled the coffee pot.

But before I could shower the water went off at 8AM but I had no idea until John got up around 8:30, no water!! We decided to skip our outing. 
It seems some idiot driver hit the fire hydrant at the front of the building, which caused the main line to break. The City workers were working to repair the broken water line.

You can see the water gushing out at the front of the truck. It wasn't just our building that was taken out, the entire neighbourhood was without water.

Some areas in B4 parking level are full of water and this makes it impossible for our Valets to pick up your car(s) at the moment.
We were told by the City workers that the repairs will be completed by 6:00 pm.

I baked oatmeal raisin cookies in the morning. Water is not really an issue for us as we have a water cooler, with hot and cold.

AND it is finished! All thanks to John, I have no patience for this.

Water came back around 1:30.
However, one of our toilets gave up the ghost. 

I had a plumber come in on Wednesday and we need a new tank. I spoke to the office regarding the building requirements and it must be a gravity flush tank. The plumber will source one (supply chain issues) and order it. 

This is what we have. 

We hemmed and hawed about going to the Polar Express at the CNE. We should have stopped at the hemming. We bundled up and caught the streetcar to the Ex, didn't get off where we should have so enjoyed the new (to us) journey to the end of the Exhibition Loop, which got us nowhere (GO train station). So we took the loop back to where we thought we should be. No signs, nada. Started walking but gave up when we saw no sign of the event. Screw it. Headed back to Union Station and thought we'd go for a drink in the Royal York Hotel. It was packed! Packed as in all three bars had a 45 minute wait. Packed! So we sat in the lobby and read until it was time for our dinner reservation at Libretto, our favourite pizza place that we haven't been in since the first lockdown.
You can see how short staffed everywhere is. But we bore that in mind. Our server was delightful, but I don't like waiting so long that the pizza arrives before the wine! And it took 3 servers/3 bottles to get that order right. But oh so good to have their pizza. We caught the 9PM shuttle home.

Based on yesterday we had a quiet day at home on Thursday other than John going to FedEx to trade a couple of golf clubs.
We ordered two more lamps to replace the dodgy ones. Plus we needed a better lamp in the bedroom as it gets so dark early, I often sit in there and need light to embroider!
This is the one we got for the living room, the plants keep getting moved around as I try to get the right "look".

Friday was another lazy day! I thought I would go out but then settled in.
John put together the last lamp and he also received some add-ons for his Bowflex exercise equipment.
I made these almond flour thumbprint cookies, I used apricot jam because I had it. John says he is really liking the almond flour. I love that you don't need a mixer for these. 
 It made 32 cookies and I quickly froze a dozen before John ate them all. I'd like to have a selection of cookies in the freezer.

I found this amazing radio app Radio Garden. It has a great globe of the world with thousands of green dots representing radio stations that you can listen to. Just scroll around the world and pick what you'd like to listen to. I have Toronto playing in the link I provided. I listened to stations in Ireland, Tennessee, Australia and Hawaii as I was playing around.

My Friday night cocktail.

I copied this from Nag on the Lake.


Saturday cheeses, tangerines, apples and a baguette (GF from Aidan's - very good)

Sunday slow cooker ribs with kale salad (package)

Monday Thai fish cakes (new) turned out quite tasty although they fell apart. John was right, I should have used a non-stick pan. Would I make them again? Not likely. Served with salad.

Tuesday BBQ chicken quarters, roast potatoes and carrots.

Wednesday Libretto pizza!

Thursday fish and chips. John took care of cutting the fries because, apparently, I do not cut them properly. This package of beer batter has been in the cupboard since spring so we used it up. It was pretty good, but really it was mainly rice flour, I had to add the water and very cold soda, so do I really need a package?

Friday steak broccoli and tomatoes.


I started watching a rather odd series Remember Me on Prime but it was not my cup of tea.

I did finish Exile, a British psychological thriller television series dealing with the topic of Alzheimer's disease against a background of corruption.

I started Victoria, which is perfect to watch while cooking or doing other things. I am fascinated with Prince Albert and his love of science and technology. Lady Lovelace fascinated me, I had no idea that computing was even an idea back then. Never mind that Lovelace was Lord Byron's daughter!

We watched 7 Prisoners (Portuguese: 7 Prisioneiros) is a 2021 Brazilian drama film.

Also watched The Unforgivable starring Sandra Bullock.


I flipped through BH&G Ultimate Cookie Book.

I read another Susan Lewis book I Have Something to Tell You. I seem to either love or hate her books. I had started another two but couldn't be bothered with them, they felt like chick lit. But when she does a mystery it works for me. This was a real page turner!

Thanks to Tina at Turn the Pages I now have a new author, new series and set in Edinburgh!!! I started Perfect Remains by Helen Fields and am loving it.


  1. I love the decorations in lobbies- they seem to even outdo some store decorations lately. Your cookies look delicious too.

  2. It's always good to uy wine when it's on sale. Lately I have been partial to Malbecs.
    Great puzzles! I need an actual puzzle table. Those are so detailed.

    I hope you enjoy the Helen Fields books. I started with #7 ...because I'm an idiot! I liked the characters. I think I did that with the Frieda Klein series, syarting with book 5 instead of #1. That will teach me to look over the details at Netgalley more carefully. If you want a series set in Wales then Jenny O'Brien has one starring a female detective Gaby Darin. I've read all 5 of those.

    The cookies look good, I like apricot. But theni like raspberry and strawberry and so many jams.

    1. I found Jenny O'Brien at the library so added them to my wish list.
      Another blogger suggested Faith Martin, but I'm not sure she is my kind of writer, a little too sweet?

  3. The lobby is stunning. You had about every calamity one could have in a week, and the almond thumb print cookies look lovely.

  4. Your foyer tree is very colourful. I like it.
    Interesting about gravity flush toilets. I thought they all were except for aircraft type toilets, but it seems not.
    The lamp looks good. You wouldn't want to be paying for incandescent bulbs and the electricity cost.
    I'll choose the modern tree, Basquiat.
    I hate to think of how many fish cakes we ate in Portugal. They were delicious. I suppose a permanent diet of fish cakes and Portuguese tarts wouldn't be a good idea.
    Btw, the blogger you suggested was really on the money about politicians and Covid restrictions. Excellent piece.

  5. I went on a cookie baking rampage on Friday. Your cookies look fabulous. I've never baked with any of the alternate flours, but I think it would be fun to try them.

    The lobby is beautiful there. Beautiful tree.

    And the Christmas trees by artist? Delightful!

    If I could, I think I'd just hunker down there, too. I don't know how you get out in all that cold!

  6. Good bargains on all your grub. I started watching "For Life" on Netflix and find it, so far, stunningly good. I will check our your Prime recs. In the midst of the mighty tome by Fintan O'Toole which is captivating me. He has a great way with words and humour. And sarcasm.


  7. Great photos .. and UGH on the water issue. How nice to go out for pizza. We still haven't eaten in a restaurant, though we've had take out. Loved the tree/artist graphic. Thumbprint cookies are some of my favorite -- and I, too, have to freeze things so Mr. BFR doesn't eat the all the goodies within a day! Good job on the bargains.

    We started watching the new Sex and the City (called And Just Like That) -- reserving judgment after 2 episodes. Finished the Great Canadian Baking Show (a friend sends me the episodes) -- I really like the bakers this year and felt good about the winner.

  8. Your thumbprint cookies look delicious! My next step in holiday prep is to figure out which cookies we'll be making when my daughters get here, then I'll need get all the supplies.

  9. Love that sunrise pic and the artists' Christmas trees!

  10. we are mostly staying home these days. our covid figures are going crazy lately due to borders being opened. grrr.... anyway merry xmas.


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